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People like sharing their tastes, preferences, habits, their thoughts about topics, what they hate, like or dislike, photos... much personal information can be find out from someone through his/her social profiles but they might aren't aware that such information could be available also for companies in case they're applying for a job. Such practice might doesn't sound like ethical but the fact is that half of them do it according to a research and they can use this information to hire or decline someone according to his/her profile.

Do you think that manifestations, photos or comments through the social net can have consequences for your future even actual career or for your reputation?

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 This went on viral on Twitter  and month ago  . It took me time to search for it  . I do agree with you modesty is a high value :)  have a nice day Estanis 

I appreciate your interest and time my friend.



now days certain company set the regulations on share company profile in social media.. at my workplace they set a regulation that involve any bad or rude comment might get show cause letter or disciplinary action. 

Thank you Fizzy for sharing!... I do Appreciate your comment :)

Thanks for this wonderful blog Estanis! This is a great reminder to all of us to watch our words. What we write goes a long way at reflecting the type of people we are and the way we speak in real life.

Agree Salma... and it's not bad advice to think twice before commenting or replying anything.

Thank you for your words :)

That's why I have a "professional" e-mail and my personal one, where I don't use my real name anyway. That being said, I work in a small hotel and nobody even care about my private accounts (I even have them added at Facebook). But then, my bosses are pretty great in every aspect.

...so watch your bosses too :D

Wise girl! Thanks for sharing Ishtar.

Hi Stanis!You chose a good topic as always.From my point of view companies must gather the information that is required in order to get a job: interviews, resume, tests, etc. They should not review our personal information.On the other hand if we don't give wrong information I think we should not be afraid of anything if they look our profiles up.  

Have a great Sunday!

Hello Janeth, thank you for coming and giving your points of view. Glad you like it!

Have a nice week ahead :)


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