People like sharing their tastes, preferences, habits, their thoughts about topics, what they hate, like or dislike, photos... much personal information can be find out from someone through his/her social profiles but they might aren't aware that such information could be available also for companies in case they're applying for a job. Such practice might doesn't sound like ethical but the fact is that half of them do it according to a research and they can use this information to hire or decline someone according to his/her profile.

Do you think that manifestations, photos or comments through the social net can have consequences for your future even actual career or for your reputation?

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Hi friend!

I have some questions before answering your questions. :p

Is this why you set to private your profile?? BUT you're the boss!! OR...Any other boss at home?? lol......

I'm just kidding, my boss. Will not repeat this again. ........ [hands up] DD

Once in a while, I joined friends in complaining about the government on FB. Well, I don't like bad words, so the complaint is just some teasing words. I still write some critical posts sometimes, but more with wishes.

For a personal reason, I deleted more than 500 photos (including tagged photos) from FB. I don't upload many photos anymore. My only active accounts are FB and MyEC and I try my best to never hurt anyone around. So, personally I don't think this will threaten my reputation. I believe now I've become a better person. ^^ [sorry for being a bit narciss,:p]

As I observed in social media, one comment can make a friend unfriend another. So can the company. So, YES for your question.

In my humble opinion, IF someone doesn't want people know about the bad side of them, they should learn how to change it for real, how to not publicly tell people about crucial problems.

Singing...."Ohh, baby baby it's a wild's hard to get back, just upon a smile..." :D

THANK YOU for your great discussion. ^^

Hi witty Onee, my profile and videos are open for Ec members, some photos only for friends. Only private for non Ec members, oh... I tell you I'm not a boss at home. Now down your hands, I won't shot.
In any case im not so active in any other social net.
Well I can't imagine you hurting anyone and surely now you make subtly critical :)
I do appreciate your words Onee... thanksss a lot!
"...oh baby baby it's a wild world, and I'll always remember you like a child, girl..."

Social media profiles are based on those thoughts and view, that a person can not express freely every (exception may be there), I know many on my friend list on FB, they have such profiles, seems as if they are great philosophers and thinkers but in actual life they are mere dumb and useless people, 

Social media profile in many cases could not be used for judging people for a specific task, narcissistic attitudes have made it quite difficult even to guess about one's reality.

There may people who might have to share actual information about their self, but still, it is questionable to what extent it gives information about the profile holder.

The discussion could be prolonged or extended and results may countless, as it is a multi-dimensional topic and could be judged from various angles.

Haha... yeah agree, it's funny reading philosophical quotes from such people, right :D

It,s nice seeing you again, Thank you for the wise words.

Por supesto Estanis! We should be careful about them. Some profiles are false or they are just a mask for another person. Thanks for sharing.

Gracias Dara ;)

It is mostly happening in advanced countries, I mean hiring and firing.  For example if an employee of a company is bragging on any social media transpiring any biases or racist attitude, the company's admin if screen this may fire this employee to safe company's reputation from any such scandal and it is happening here in USA.   

I know. Maybe not so ethical but understandable. I think in big companies here too.

Thanks for replying.

I no longer need to work, I'm retired after 51 years working.

Because I had an online business - Desert Wave Enterprises, there is a lot of information about me on the net. If I was starting again, I'd use a pseudonym (fake name) for social networking, although it can be difficult to do so because you want friends to find you.

...then you deserve a good retirement. Looking forward to my turn but still some years are left :/

Your company's name sounds nice. Thank you for commenting Robinoz.

Great topic, Estanis!
I will never understand why people have this need to share any personal stuff, private pictures or stories on the internet... 

Therefore I don't have any of these accounts, and I don't have any interest to read there either! And yes, it can have both, a good and a bad impact for applications or current job evaluations. Just a bit common sense is needed to make a good impression. ;-)

Yeah common sense... so devalued nowadays :/

Thanks nice chipmunk.


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