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People like sharing their tastes, preferences, habits, their thoughts about topics, what they hate, like or dislike, photos... much personal information can be find out from someone through his/her social profiles but they might aren't aware that such information could be available also for companies in case they're applying for a job. Such practice might doesn't sound like ethical but the fact is that half of them do it according to a research and they can use this information to hire or decline someone according to his/her profile.

Do you think that manifestations, photos or comments through the social net can have consequences for your future even actual career or for your reputation?

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Hi, Estanis!

As far as all the directors of those companies are human beings, I think it can have the sequences for one's future/ actual career and even reputation. :)

And I don't mind being declined because of it. If they don't like me like I am, then working in such company would be hell.

I guess changing / hide your character is a high price for this matter, right?  Self-love is priceless :)

Thanks for sharing your thought.

Well, I don't think, my self-love is so strong. I just meant, it would be pretty uncomfortable to work there, not being able to understand each other.

I get you 

Thank you Olga! 

In my view I think this is an open secret haha... but didn't though about teaching sector.

  I have saw a few days ago an American  women  , who had applied  to Nasa   . She was so thrilled  she shared this through her account on Twitter  . However  , she wrote a slang    inappropriate expression in her tweet  . Guess  what one of the big mangers  of Nasa  was following her and she lost her job because of her bad words  .  

You are right to great extent 

One of my friends applied for a job in intelligence agency. He qualified for an interview. Prior to conducting of interview everything has been investigated about his personal life  and they asked him for his email address and then it revealed that he had indulged in anti military campaign.  he was, therefore, disqualified. But in government job, the Management has no concern as to how we react in social media. They  call us for relevant qualification, skill and experience and also call for police verification i.e NOC from Police Station of the area he lives. I am not sure all the companies  follow the same track or not. I have never worked in private company. I have no idea about recruitment process in Private company. 

Thank you for sharing this Arif, as I said before didn't know in the public sector but the case you mentioned seems reasonable not to admit him. It makes no much sense to apply for the army when you're anti military.

Prestiges and attractive package for the employee of intelligence agency made him apply for the job there.

It's curious how people can betray their values for interests. It happens everywhere.

     Here is a screen shot from Twitter  that proves  your  discussion   

Hi Rosemary... can you believe I heard of this case yesterday on the radio while driving!? :D

Modesty has always been a value to bear in mind. Thank youuu...!!


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