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People like sharing their tastes, preferences, habits, their thoughts about topics, what they hate, like or dislike, photos... much personal information can be find out from someone through his/her social profiles but they might aren't aware that such information could be available also for companies in case they're applying for a job. Such practice might doesn't sound like ethical but the fact is that half of them do it according to a research and they can use this information to hire or decline someone according to his/her profile.

Do you think that manifestations, photos or comments through the social net can have consequences for your future even actual career or for your reputation?

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...so keep that way, no social net is vital for anyone. Thanks for advice :)

Very relevant. Thanks for the reminder. 

We should be wise in using social media. Nowadays I choose not to upload lots of pictures and private information in my social media account. We can set our account and comments so that it is not able to be accessed by public or only accessible by our close friend as well.

That is why I set my posting private just for my social circle.

It's your choice Kurniati, thank you!

It's your choice Kurniati, thank you!

Yes Estanis you are right.


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