I am new here and want improve my english. Lets add me

Skype- ripaskysumi


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Im also here for the same reasons. I have got a scholarship for higher studies from my country but i have to be good in English.

my Skype Id : raqthesolid

Welcome Sharmin sumi to MyEC English club. It is a good opportunity for every one improving English Lesson. You can exchange you thinking and view With every member of MyEC family. All the best. Skype: hakimu62 

Teeka assay Sharmin! I hope to be added to your friends. I will do my best to help. Could I be one of your friends? Thanks again.

What do you mean "Teeka assay"? 

Buhkshita Sharmin, I thought that you were from Bangladesh, never mind that. Could I be one of your friends? Thanks again.

Dara gino, yes i am from bangladesh. But i don't understan, what are you talking about?


add me on skype : ibrail5

i want people who really to speak


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