How can someone teach a student who is not even interested?

How to teach non-native high school students English, who don't even give a d*** about English?

Please help!!!!!! 

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I am not a teacher but let me say the following:
There is a difference between students who are uninterested and students who have problems in learning a foreign language.
If the students are children, you can always find a way to motivate them.
Students with learning problems, always try to improve even if it's hard. They are grateful for any help and motivation they can get.
If adults are just uninterested and unwillingly, you can't do anything. And to be honest, if adults don't want to learn, it's their decision. One day, they will regret it. Often, it's too late. Starting learning again takes more effort than before. Some people need their failure as a lesson of life to realize their mistakes.

I totally agree with your point of view that the children can be motivated, however, the adults need to be self-motivated.

Hi, Shoaib, I was such a student in my high school years. Well, maybe they have some bigger problems in their lives... so they can't concentrate. Dunno... just out of experience ...


Thanks a lot for your comment on this topic. You know, I do agree with you that they have some concentration issues. We just see and judge them from our perspective without taking their problems into consideration. Thanks again for your thoughts.

It reminds me of my first English teacher. She always give us smaill gift as incentives. 

Oh Yes, I think that can work with some students.

I have gone throught below suggestions, which are very nice.

1. Students' English level and which part do they want to get first, vocabulary, speaking or writing?

2. Students' hobby ( English begain with their hobby)

3. Tell them more interesting stories about English.

I think these suggestions are very nice. Thanks for commenting Jenny. You are one of my top students.

Thanks a lot Martha for sharing this awesome strategy. 


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