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How can someone teach a student who is not even interested?

How to teach non-native high school students English, who don't even give a d*** about English?

Please help!!!!!! 

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   Tell me first how many  are your students  ? What  are their levels in English  ? How many periods do you have ? 

        You need a plan for teaching them . Maybe your students feel that English is too difficult for them so you need to simplify information  for them . Don't  explain  lessons for them  as if they are in your same level  , remember  they aren't professionals  . They are just students  and English isn't their mother tongue language  . 

      Motivate  them  plant hope in their hearts  . They will be influenced by your character  more than any thing  . How to start depends on their level in English  . You shouldn't  teach English  in an old way  , try to read about modern methods of teaching .

     The strategies  of teaching  and search the web for sites related to your course   . Finally don't give up as long as you are trying something  will change  . Just throw the first pebble in the stagnated  pond  :) 

            Best of luck 

Hi Rosemary, thanks a bunch for taking your precious time and commenting on this post.

I have around 30-40 "uninterested students." Over all, I teach more than 100 students per day. The students that I am really concerned about are my 10th graders. They can read and understand, but their writing skills are horrible. The students who you are younger than them have better writing  and speaking skills. 

I have one 35-minute-period with them, 5 days a week. I am aware that they have a very bad base in English, but the thing is that they don't even feel that they need to improve their English. 

Your other suggestion to use some modern methods of teaching is the one that I really need to work on.

Again million thanks for your comment.

Hi Shoaib! Nice topic!

I was thinking it was helpless.

However, we should find so many ways to try. For example, we can start teaching by telling a story about something that interested them. That's why we should know them more. Watching a (short) movie together in the class may be necessary. Funny stories, riddles.....Sometimes I use them to awaken their enthusiasm.

Thank you  for sharing this discussion. :)

Thanks Onee-Chan once again for your feedback. You always come up with great suggestions. I would try my best to put these suggestions in practice. 

Thanks for replying and giving your priceless opinion on this matter. Your first and fifth suggestions are already in practice, however I think I really need to work on the others. Once again thanks a lot. 

Hi. I can write a long post about it but I won't until you answer several questions:

1) what do you do every day? I mean how do you prepare your lessons? Could you share your lesson plans? 

2) Are you interested in your students? How do you show them your interest?

3) Have you ever told them why they need English?

4) How long have you been teaching English?

5) How do you challenge them?

Best regards.

I totally agree with your point that teachers have to find a way to involve the students, I am just trying to find that way and I am sure that I will find a way to inculcate interest in my students.

Thanks a lot for showing interest in this post

"Thanks a lot HONEY BEE for commenting on the post. I have five 35-minutes periods in a week with my 10th graders. There are 2 English books in their curriculum. Basically they have to appear in a BOARD examination in which they will be tested on the contents of these books. I have designated 3 days for the textbook in which there are chapters with comprehension exercises and vocabulary. One day in a week is designated to grammar, my students are pretty good at getting their grammar concepts right. The composition part is where some students are not showing interest. I have taught them all the techniques for writing essay. They will be tested on descriptive and narrative essays only. I have taught them the pre-writing techniques, essay map, outline, topic sentences in paragraphs, vocabulary bank, transitioning, transitional devices, usage of phrases, idioms and proverbs etc. Many students have improved a lot since I have started teaching here in this school, in fact under my supervision, students have won essay writing and declamation contests on provincial level as well. However, I want each and every one of my students showing some improvement at least. 

I see. Ok, when you're online here, message me. I will give you all the tips I use with my 10th graders. I also have English literature so maybe my experience will help you somehow :) I have no problems :D  If I'm not online, send me a message here as a reminder - I will answer you via mail. 

That is especially difficult Shoaib!!  We have a saying in my country "That you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink".  Be as creative as you can be and hope a bit of what you are teaching will sink in or promote an interest.  Since I am not a teacher I have no idea about the techniques available to you.  I know it is a very tough job.....I wish you all the luck in the world and I know at some point you will get through to your students!!

Thanks a lot for the appreciating a teacher and  your sincere comment. I hope as you said I will get a way to promote interest in them.  


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