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Hello, guys!
May I have your attention again? (Sorry, friends, I am too curious sometimes) LOL

Have you ever broken common rules, laws, customs or traditions?
How did you feel after that?
Is it too bad to bend some rules a little bit?

Recently I have read one wonderful phrase: "You have to break rules if you want to build a new world." I think It is the matter of opinion.

Thank you in advance for your point of view, guys!

I wanna add a few questions, guys!

Have you ever faced stupid and funny rules or restrictions?
What kinds of them? 
Do you always follow signs with warnings?

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I agree with you, dear Rosemary. It is hard to convince people in something new when they are used to old principles even when those old rules are unfair. Some of people prefer not to use they brain and live by life of others. They feel comfortable thinking nothing and doing nothing to change their life to the better. Unfortunately It is impossible to rebuild them.
You are right your life is your life and only you responsible for that. Do what is good for you and be happy. )))

I always live by the rules

Good for you, dear  kurniati evalinde saptarina! ))))

Thank you for your comment. 

I do break the rules but not per the laws and order

Right, dear Kanimozhi.
If we want to live in a good society we should respect the laws to escape chaos in the world. We should respect other people and not to hurt them. Meanwhile our life changes and we have to move with the times and progress along with the rest of society. Therefore some of old rules are supposed to update.

Hi, Svitlana ))

I have been constantly breaking the rules. Unfortunately...or fortunately...I do not know. I mean, I live as I think/can/have to/want to(obviously not hurting anyone but me if it happens to hurt). Not all the people like this. They tend to criticize))) Sometimes they just do not understand. But..who says that their rules are good for everyone? I would paraphrase the words like: " You have to break rules if you want to build/change your own life".

I feel depending on the consequences after bending the rules ))) No one suffered from my actions and obviously the law is untouchable.

Thank you for posting such an interesting discussion. I loved to read the comments on it ))

My pleasure, dear Olga!

As I see you are an independent woman. I support you in this way. Not all rules are good for all people. We are owners of OUR life. If we want to create OUR private world sometimes we can break the rules  which belong to others. Especially when our rules don't hurt people and just make our life better. 

Thank you for your comment, dear. 

Sometimes rules are broken to have thrill.................but it is an unhealthy sign, because if senior students (kids) snatch money from the juniors in the name of ragging, they may later on rob at gunpoint. 

Breaking rules to hurt other people is not acceptable at all. I can't understand those people who do harm to others and try to be cool. It is not cool. It looks sordid. There is a big difference between breaking innocent rules and breaking laws. I hope people will never mix them.


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