Hello, guys!
May I have your attention again? (Sorry, friends, I am too curious sometimes) LOL

Have you ever broken common rules, laws, customs or traditions?
How did you feel after that?
Is it too bad to bend some rules a little bit?

Recently I have read one wonderful phrase: "You have to break rules if you want to build a new world." I think It is the matter of opinion.

Thank you in advance for your point of view, guys!

I wanna add a few questions, guys!

Have you ever faced stupid and funny rules or restrictions?
What kinds of them? 
Do you always follow signs with warnings?

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I guess it depends on the place, context, society, circumstances... I don't know what you exactly refer but rules are to be broken sometimes, no? :D

Now I recall when I was just a brat and my parents told off me when I broke 'their laws' Similar situation now but the other way around :D

Yeah, many things depends on society. Different countries different rules. Times change and nowadays people have more freedom. Although some of stupid rules continues to exist till now. Personally, I am a law-abiding citizen and never break laws but in some cases I don't want to put up with silly rules and limits which people define as they see fit.
Thank you, Estanis, for your comment.

Good question, dear Svitlana. I newer broke the laws. But I cannot say the same for rules, traditions...and so on. Also if I don't remember the details, I  am sure I was not always an angel...lol! But I am sure I did never harm someone with my actions.

I think following quote has the right humor.

My dear Rose!
Your funny quote has made this discussion more colorful. Thank you for your piece of humor. You have made me smile. It is true our life would be bored without breaking deep-rooted regulations and testing their elasticity. LOL
When I was a kid I tried not to make my parents disappointed. However a spirit of rebellion was always one of features of my character. At the present time children are more independent of adults and try to make the own rules. Maybe it is good. Because old rules and customs hold society in one place.
All great people were a little rebels.

I've broken rules, but only where they don't hurt anyone, damage anyone's property or amount to a criminal offence. At boarding school, I used to "break bounds" sometimes; I used to smoke. I've had a drink of beer in a place where drinking in public is forbidden. Nothing too serious.

You are right, dear Robinoz.
Breaking rules is totally unacceptable when it hurts someoneone, damages someone's property or amount to a criminal offence.
And you are right about children, especially teenagers. They are attracted to forbidden things. Some of young people consider It is cool to break some rules and look like a hero in a group of friends.
Thank you for your opinion.

In every society "powerful breaks the rules/laws on the contrary weaker has to follow them to avoid the inverse impact.

Have you ever broken rules, Mishaikh?
I don't mean breaking strict laws. I mean harmless rules such as NO SMOKING, KEEP OUT, DON'T JUMP, NO DIVING, DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS, DON'T WALK ON THE GREASS and so on.

No, Svitlana I don't remember breaking any of these rules.

Great! You are perfect, Mishaikh, and a good citizen. )))

By the way lying on the bed in the shoes is not good. :P 

Actually it was not after coming.  I was waiting for others to get ready to go.  It was hotel room. There was no other place to lie or sit except bed.  Otherwise I even not feel easy in pant-shirt, but my shalwar-kurta.

I think lying in such a posture is not any breaking of rule. LOL.

HAHAHA, Mishaikh, you are right!

Nothing is forbidden what was not written on the signs. LOL

By the way your pose is comfortable and widespread among men especially.  My husband likes to do the same. ;) 


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