what joke ? one year to approve my pictures

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It is a JOKE?

One year waiting for a picture approval it's ridiculous-whomever is in charge should be responsible for the confusion. Why the problem wasn't explained to the students?

I as an English student, hope for this ordeal never happens to me. 

Erica Flores this me in waiting approval LOOL

Sorry for your ordeal, I wish you luck.  I don't know anything about technology but go straight to the head administrator explained and let them know others students are concern. Thank you for posting this problem. God Bless and good luck

thanks , then come on chatting main room

Hi Ⱬẕⓘ₦Ⱥ,

It was impossible one year to approve photo. I just help Grace here. The photo will be approved when it follows the photo guideline. Photo taken from internet will be surely not approved.

Thank you.


Onee-chan thanks

Please read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest Onee's reply. If a photo has to wait for approval, the obvious answer is it didn't get approved. There wouldn't be much point in an approval system if every photo automatically got approved. Please review the guidelines about submitting photos to learn why a photo may not have been approved.


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