I have just finished and article about this topic and it was interesting  . The article add alot to my views about education and every day  life  . I want to hear from you all my friends and members of the English Club  what are the things  , you have never been taught in school  , but have been taught about by life experiences  , parents  or friends.  Let's  share our life's  difficult lessons  here :) :) :)

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A very interesting discussion Rosemary, but there're so many to name just one... or even to make a list. And there're things I wish I'd have never been taught in school too.

  Thanks Mary  :) 

Hi, Rosemary!

In my opinion, Mary described it very well. I can't add anything.

Or let me try.

Parents, school, friends and life experience taught me both, good and bad, right and wrong things. 

I am sorry, I don't want to share my life's difficult lessons here.

Okay, here is one my life's lesson:

Better take 1-2 more pictures of the same object/subject, because otherwise it can turn out, your picture is blurred or not perfect enough :D

And one more lesson:

Don't exaggerate with taking the pictures of the same object/subject, because otherwise it will be difficult and time consuming to decide, what picture to show/share.

Have a nice day, Rosemary! :)

  Hi Roman  !!

    If you have an experience  or a lesson school didn't  teach and you think that it is too personal to share it   . It's  your own right to do so . However  , you can share the value with us . In the story you have mentioned  the value is patient  a thing school never taught us about seriously and we haven't practice  it there   :) 

I hope I will find the right words to describe some life lessons here later :)

  If you want too or feel comfortable to do it  , have a nice day Roman :)


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