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  Let's talk about weather.

Now here in my country is cloudy and wet. What about your country? 

When English people meet ,they usually say something about the weather. Perhaps this because the English weather is so changeable and unpredictable.

Let's  suggest some sentences about weather.

"What a lovely day."

"Yes. Nice to see a bit of summer at last."

"It looks like rain."

"You're right. Better take an umbrella."

"Is it still raining?'

"It's absolutely pouring.I'm soaked."

"It's a lot colder this morning."

"Yes, there's a real touch of winter in the air."

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Weather is the condition of the environment at some random timeframe. The climate is comprised of the gasses, similar to oxygen, that surround the Earth. What's going on in the air is the climate. https://www.doneassignment.co.uk/write-my-assignment.php

It rains heavily these days, and the sky is very dark with unusual thunder. ;((


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