They say that your tongue is your horse. If you maintain it, it gives you good results. It is a small muscular moveable organ in our mouth. We use it for taking and swallowing food, tasting, licking, and speaking among other things. It is considered the main organ for talking.

Should we call it the source of good and bad? Would that be probable? Let us look at those phrases, (he has a clever tongue) or (she has a sharp tongue). A sweet word from that tongue can make a relationship, which lasts for years. On the other hand, a filthy, rotten word from it can create grudge, hate, or enmity and wars.  My question, should we pay attention to what we utter or say? 




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yes we should think before saying something. 

Donnobad Bet! If we think before  saying, we gain control. Thanks Bet for your comment.

The tongue is the greatest means of communication with others, since the tongue on the young is a great danger, a means to collect torment or mercy, and is intended to save the tongue that the human speaks only good, and away from the ugly speech, and backbiting and gossip and so on, and the person responsible for every word out of his mouth

Afafig maak ya Ahmmed2015! Indeed, backbiting, gossip, title, and tattle.  The tongue is the source of all these things. Avoiding talking about others when they are not present is good for that little organ in our mouth. That is a big responsibility. If we talk about someone, we should choose nice words to describe him or her while he or she is not present. I really agree with you, the tongue could be a dangerous weapon. Thanks, Ahmed for your comment on The tongue.

Maraming salamat Mayumi! Thanks for pressing the like button. I really appreciate it.

Dear Fredric, I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for pressing the like button.

Thanks, Mr. Essberger for pressing the like button. 

Terima kasih banyak Suryaning Wahyu! Thanks a lot for pressing the like button. Now, I really hope to be one of your friends, may I? Thanks again.

Dara there is a Hadees in this respect.  I do not know the exact words. But it means that our Prophet (pbuh) said if you keep this piece of small flash under control, then he said that the heaven is guaranteed.

Bilkul Mishaikh sahib! As a matter of fact, they were two, the small fleshy one between the thighs and the other one between the beards. Of course, controlling our sexual desires is not that easy unless we are married legally. Our tongues can lead us into dangerous disasters. Thanks, Mishaikh for your comment on the tongue. 

Saya mati de hati, Putri! The heart! In some way, I guess you are right about it. When it is invaded by that deep feeling. I think you know it. That is why I want to choose my words carefully to be good enough  so as to be one of your friends. I really hope to be one of your friends, may I? Thanks for your nice words on that discussion, Putri.

 Shookran bizzaf Youssef! Thanks for pressing the like button.


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