They say that your tongue is your horse. If you maintain it, it gives you good results. It is a small muscular moveable organ in our mouth. We use it for taking and swallowing food, tasting, licking, and speaking among other things. It is considered the main organ for talking.

Should we call it the source of good and bad? Would that be probable? Let us look at those phrases, (he has a clever tongue) or (she has a sharp tongue). A sweet word from that tongue can make a relationship, which lasts for years. On the other hand, a filthy, rotten word from it can create grudge, hate, or enmity and wars.  My question, should we pay attention to what we utter or say? 




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Nice topic, dear Dara!
You are right our tongue is the most important for communication. Just a few words can kill or to heal someone.
Of course we shoud pay attention to what we say If we really care of a person who we talk to.

Duzchi dyakuyu Svitlana! Is it true that words can kill? It means that our tongues are dangerous weapons. Lol! I am kidding. It is true that words can hurt a lot sometimes. Thanks for your first comment on The Tongue.  

Interesting topic. I think we must think twice before we utter a single word.  What if you say something  that you think is good but the reciever thinks it is bad ? 

Shookran bizzaf Youssef! In that case, we have to be careful to make sure that our points are well and fully understood. Misunderstanding is another matter.  To tell you the truth, the intention of the heart can clear that kind of situation. The receiver should understand my point if it is a good one. Thanks, Youssef for your nice and wise comment. 

 Sure! it has to be maintained as it is the most dangerous thing human-being ever owned. As long as the word is held in, you possess it. But, once it is out, it possessed you. 

Thanks a lot for a remarkable choice of reading again Dara.

I am indeed scared. You mean if I control my tongue, the word is mine, and once the word is out it will cause a lot of headache for me. By the way, in our saying, (the words of men are their prices). Reading your comment and the other comments, I came to the conclusion that the tongue is more dangerous than I was imagining. Thanks, Ocean for that wise and nice comment. 

Oi, flolks

  No way, mr Dara, this time you ain't gonna pull my tongue!!!!!

Lol! Niya niya Rysperski! Of course not, I am not going to do that. On the contrary, I guess you agree with me that tongues can be very deadly, don't you think so? Thanks, Rys. 

Good one

Because my friend Satya is good. Thanks for your words.    

Hi Sir;

Of course we should pay all our attention to what we say, people are responsible for every word coming out of their mouthes, and without the brain and speaking ability the people are just animals !!

we can't know or judge someone only if he/she talks, by doing so he/she translates the inside feelings , statements, points of view into words and this couldn't have been happened unless by speaking.

Hope that this blog will remind us about how important our words are to those we speak to and will help us to be more careful choosing the right words in the future !! thanks for such blogs

Ana kanabgi Houssine bizzaf bizzaf. May Allah bless your country from the greedy ones. By the way, the streets of our country are also boiling. They want something new. They hope for a better future. It is the wish of the nations of the other primitive normal people as well.

Going back to our topic, let me disagree with some ideas that came into your marvelous intervention, Houssine. We do not often mean what we say. Do you remember that verse, (he gives you a sweet from his tongue and he fades away like a fox) Of course, these are hypocrites. They just say and they do not mean what they say. 

The last paragraph carries a nice note. We should always be careful when we talk. Close ones or other people, we should count our words carefully before addressing them. I remember that I was talking to a Thai friend of mine more than forty years ago. I said one word and the features of his face changed and he was sad and I felt it.

Then I used more than twenty or more words to repair or rather to let him feel normal again.  Imagine, forty years ago, I remember this incident as if it happened yesterday. Thanks, Houssine for your educational comment.       


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