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The Psycho of the Month: Your Psychopathic vs. Angelic Side

This month’s teaser is about using your imagination. Are you good at finishing stories? Bad guys kidnapped our hero and now he needs you!

What do you think will happen to the man? Can you finish the story?

Good luck!..

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Woahhhhhhhhh..........this is what I have been waiting for!  Let me digest it and give you my best answer.  I know I can do it.  Are you going to declare a winner?  

I am sure you can do it! ;)

There will be no winner. I am looking for the best logical and acceptable answers/stories.

I would choose the angelic side since I look angelic (Don't overreact to the sincerity of it, okay?) hahaha!

......... Now the speedy car heads towards the edge of the cliff.  When it's almost over there, the man kicks the door with all his might. (oppsss........even if the man tries to escape through the vehicle's door, he is tied up.)  Okay, I'll rewind the story back to where the speedy car is heading towards the edge of the cliff.

........When the car reaches the edge of the cliff, it flies into the air and lands on a protruding lush tree located midway.  The impact of the landing opens the door of the car and the man with his hands being tied up to the steering wheel slides from his seat and finds himself hanging where he can see the waters below.  Seconds after thinking how to extricate himself from being tied up, the car blows up from the flame that sparked a while ago and detaches the steering wheel from its hold.  The man falls together with the steering wheel from the tree and makes a deep perfect plunge into the water.  He swims with great effort away from the falling debris of the blazing car and having dispatched the rope and the steering wheel successfully, he continues to swim to his own safety.

................ Wow!  I got it!  

I'll give you my psychopathic side of the story, later!  (aka Final Destiny!)

What an imagination! Ohh God!!

This is swinging the votes! For God's sake who put that tree there? Even not an ordinary tree! "protruding lush tree located midway".... is it something like on the right? (hahah) OK. Let's suppose that the car was stopped by a huge tree hanging at the edge of the cliff. That's quite acceptable. But, who said the man is tied up to the steering wheel slides. If I were one of the bad guys I would definitely tie him to the seat so that he couldn't be able to use his body and feet to free himself easily. But..... I didn't say he is tied up to the seat either. So, it was up to your imagination. When the car blew up, the steering wheel detached, and luckily there was a lake below the cliff!

You made a great effort to rescue the man! Acceptable! Any opposite opinion?

Thank you..... thank you!  You are truly my favourite psycho moderator, hahaha!  My angelic side of the story is ACCEPTABLE!  I don't know how my psycopathic side will fare........I have to think of a very convincing one!  

I shall return!

I am dying to read your psycopathic story! I hope there will be lots of blood!!

By the way.............that tree does not look lush to me.  It looks malnourished.  How can the car land on that weak tree?  The tree is lush, big and sturdy like this:

When the car reaches the edge it is not stopped by a tree on the edge of the cliff........it flies and lands on the tree midway.....  Yase, are you helping me or confusing me? kekeke!  I think you were disappointed because you were expecting a psychopathic story which you so desire to read.

Sure, I was so disappointed when I didn't see a psychopathic story there! What happened to the little psycho inside you? Don't tell me you killed her? Isn't that a crime, too?

Always remind this to yourself!

Hi Lady Eve..........you can freely give your own version of the story here.  That's a nice way of practicing your English, too!

The psychopathic side depends on your imagination that you will finish the story with a sad/bad side! Oppss... I mustn't give clues about this, people are changing their story then!

Good luck Lady Eve!

Yase.............will you allow one member to share more than one story?

If you have more stories, of course you can share as many as you wish...


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