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Welcome to my “How Psycho Are You” test.

For this month, we will choose psychos by some questions being different from the previous ones.

If you are chosen as a psycho please contact me! We can do a lot together! If you hear voices or have invisible friends then you will likely pass this test with flying colors.

Please give your sincere answers and be serious!

Wish you luck…

1- What is a psycho?

a) Hahahah!

b) Problematic people who use their intelligence in a bad way.

c) Crazy! I don’t like them!

d) Oh! I am scared of them.


2- Have you ever had a psychiatric examination?

a) I never! Psychiatrist must come to me!

b) Yeah… You know, I just have some problems.

c) I’ve had; for depression.

d) Thank God. I don’t have any problems.


3- Your spouse made you coffee, but you didn’t like the flavor…

a) I would spill the coffee! He/she would have to make new one!

b) I would mutter a little, then would shut up.

c) I would thank, and hide my displeasure.

d) I would thank, and would wash the dishes!


4- You are hearing the tapping of a thief breaking into your house…

a) He will make his last prayer!

b) I pick up something stiff and approach him.

c) I call for help, I feel scared.

d) I hide and hold my breath until he’s gone.


5- If someone calls you a psycho…

a) Sorry?

b) I will beat him!

c) You are that psycho!

d) God heal him. What can I do?


6- You are walking and a group of people passing by is snickering at you…

a) They cannot do it again!

b) I will keep on walking in strict confidence.

c) I will be very angry, but cannot do anything.

d) I will feel down, but try not to concern about it.


7- Your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you and says firmly that he/she is done with you. You still are head over heels in love with him/her. How do you deal with it?

a) You dress in black and watch him/her through the front window at night and steal an article of clothing so you can cuddle up with the scent of them at night.

b) You send e-mails and letters and phone constantly even though they don’t change their mind.

c) You beg and plead for him/her to think again!

d) You understand it, and all though you love him/her, you respect his/her choice.


8- The most psychopath?

a) Me!

b) Bush.

c) My lover /my mother-in-law/ my neighbor/ my friend etc.

d) Everyone is born innocent.


9- Let me send you a song…

a) I don’t like music.

b) Cleanin' Out My Closet, Eminem.

c) My Immortal, Evanescence.

d) I Dreamed A Dream, Susan Boyle.


10- What do you think about the person who prepared this test?

a) Psychopaty cannot be described, it can be lived.

b) I’ve written the book of psychopaty, who is she?

c) She must be a clever one.

d) Problematic, I guess…

Please when you write your answer, write them from left to right like 1- ..., 2- ..., 3- ..., 4- ..., 5- ..., 6- ..., 7- ..., 8- ..., 9- ..., 10- ...

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You are a real psycho Yase, you wrote the test and you answered yourself.

I didn't give my answers Zulkifli!!!!

It was just an example so that people wouldn't give their answers from up to bottom. But, can you see Spring just did the opposite!

Why aren't you answering these questions Zulkifli? Are you afraid of being chosen as a psycho? Ohh....Come on! You will be my student! haha :D

You don't always do the opposite thing.


You’re not mad by any means, but just a very very little psycho. Sometimes, it is true that you think of doing psychopathic things. But, you have never taken it into action. Look on the bright side; at least you've got enough corks to make you interesting. Try to cut back on the number of kittens you eat… they can give you poor digestion. :P

Kidding! You are a good person inside. If doing psychopathic things come to your mind, it is not your fault, it is the living conditions that can turn you into a psycho! Be careful!

and you still call it a Psycho test ????? O.O ... I see no relation between any of those question to the slight percentage for being psycho .... I think you should check the type of questions you are asking ... I think these kind of questions are used for Sociability Test ... but anyway here are my answers :

1- b, 2- b, 3- b, 4- b, 5- d, 6- b, 7- d, 8- c, 9- b, 10- b

by the way .. what I liked the most is Question 7 and the answer A .. I am still imagining the action at night ... Poor psycho .... 

I think you should look for yourself too ... you seems not good recently.

Hello Reda-kun! Join my club. You are on the verge of being a psycho! You're in with me. Remember, just because you're a sociopath doesn't mean you're not a great person. If you are intelligent enough to manipulate the system you will go far.

You are a creative person. You can make a place colorful. But, you love manipulating and you have an uneasy character. Yeah… just I told you, you can be a psycho! Contract me and I will teach you how! :D

I can’t believe your answer to the 3rd one is B. You should have said  “I would spill the coffee! He/she had to make new one!”

When was the last time you cut a kitten?

WOW and just WOW ... I'm In ... really I couldn't believe my eyes .. because all people think that I am the most coolest person here ...and I can't be any hard one ... 

Creativity .. no idea what are you talking about ... but manipulating is my game but still beginner in this field .. I know people who are masters just like you ehm ... 

for the 3rd answer .. I won't answer the 1st ... I will try to be calm just make the other one feel that he/she loose and then take my revenge ... 

the last time was maybe 7 months ago if I am not mistaken .. 

People think you are the coolest person here!!! haha :D Boy! Don't make me laugh!

You are not aware of yourself. You carry a little psycho deep inside! Now, we need to wake this psycho up. We have a severe road in front of us. People are born into psychos, noone can be a bring-up psycho. But, I have hope for you. You can do it! :P

Don't forget this: Psychos are the coolest people! ;)

Now, go out.... Find a kitten. First you have to feed it, look after it, and love it. I will tell you the right time to cut it!

yeah i am not aware about myself ... coz i don't want to wake this demon as well ... it will be worse and so bad ... but i will try to control it from within ... 

but i am not fond of kittens ... what about turtles ??? can we do it with a turtle ? 

Psychos are the coolest people!

If you can't control the demon inside you, then never wake him up! Are you willing to learn it? I mean will you be my student? kekeke

Turtles? No way! Turtles are innocent. No turtles!

Find a kitten. A black one.

your student ??? what are you offering ? and are  you a reliable teacher ... I still need proves that you are illegible to do this job ... as you know it's not for anyone to be a psycho .. it's a destiny, faith ... 

tell me why exactly a kitten and a black one ? .. why racism even with psychopathy ???? 


When I kill you silently you will see if I am reliable or not!

I offer you how to be a consummate psycho. If I tell you I am a true psycho, will you believe me? Think about it...

It must be a black cat. It is the law of satanism.


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