Why is it important to plan lessons ?

I was schooled by Isced Institute where I realized how planning is important in the activity of teaching. Most teacher argue that the amount of experience acquired can lead one not to plan the lessons however I disagree with such statement for planning constitutes a the guidance of the teacher.
A part from what was said above, there are aspects to take into account in planning. I WOULD define planning as Tessa woodsay does " planning is the activity which includes the following elements: think of the students,material, time, activity and methods.
So every one who claim to be a teacher has to gain culture of planning. Prior to enter the class teacher need to think in the elements mentioned. The students, knowing who to work with help teacher to select the appropriate method to use, method and technique. So teacher has to know this students, their age, ability,gender and level so he can apply what he Is planning.
Time, knowing thr duration of the activities and the lesson itself is a useful way of controlling the whole lesson. So lesson need to start on time as well as finish on time.
Activity, it is what students are supposed to do in the class. Students has to perform tasks in order ensure the comprehension or how much they are grasping the knowledge. Moreover the activities to be used has to fulfil the need of the students and their interest as well.
Material, that Is actually everything teacher can use to support his teaching such as flashcards, worksheet, music, videos etc..
Finally teacher should also know the age and the level of the group he is teaching that will help him to weigh the charge of content to teach, as the content should be well dosen and balanced to therefore allow learning to take place effectively.
So to conclude, I suggest all teachers to plan their lesson. Regardles of being experienced or not planning must be done for logical reasons such as maintain a good management of the class, the resource to use and not to get lost in the class as planning constitute a guide for the teacher. It I the first document needed for effective teaching.

You are invited to expouse your brilliant comment,suggest and oppinion regard the topic.

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