When Germany was knocked out, we were greatly surprised and astonished. Then Spain, Portugal, Argentina, England. When it came to Brazil, I remember what my friend, the  Brazilian teacher, PGM said to me two months ago. He said to me that Brazil was not like before. That golden team we used to know would not repeat itself. We were outwitted and out battled by Belgium. He was logical and I was too sentimental to think about the matter.

That was why I called this tournament of the world cup by that name, the giants' conqueror. I was thinking that either Belgium or Croatia would be the black horse of the world cup owing to their unique style of playing. The French were atrocious and mysterious in their plans and they kept their defending way to win the games, one after the other.

Despite the defeat, the Croatians were heroes and that Croatian midfielder Luka Modric really shone brighthtly. Griezmann and his team  breathlessly scored and won the world cup, but the most interesting event about the tournament was the three presidents, Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron and the lovely president of Croatia, Kolinda Kitarovic. They really attracted the attention. One of them took the attention more than the other two. Can you guess that president?

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Daraa :D

well.. i am not sure about his wife..

but, looking at second pic., dont you see bit dissapointing in face of Kolinda.. no matter how hardly Mr.Macron tried to give good impression?


:D :D

we are just commenting photos from mundial.. :D

You dont need to be brave to look at pics..

Goshh.. what is sense of photo if i need to close my eyes.. :D

But, yea.. if i start to hugg someones husbands all over the world,then you can consider me as "brave" one :D

Dara, dara :D

I could continue with this interesting topic, but I wont you finish in jail..  Although i know you would get many friends there.. :D

gosh :D

bye )))

My goodness, Ella! Do you want me to go to jail? We are speaking about the chief executive of France and the president of  Croatia. My lady, I am afraid. The uncles and aunts of my wife and they live there. They are French. I am afraid if we go to visit them, I might be arrested. Thanks, Ella. You seem to be a brave lady.

I had to rewrite this feedback due to some spelling mistakes which were made during using my cell phone.

Danyavaad Vijay!  Thanks for pressing the like button. I really hope to become one of your friends. Thanks again.


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