When Germany was knocked out, we were greatly surprised and astonished. Then Spain, Portugal, Argentina, England. When it came to Brazil, I remember what my friend, the  Brazilian teacher, PGM said to me two months ago. He said to me that Brazil was not like before. That golden team we used to know would not repeat itself. We were outwitted and out battled by Belgium. He was logical and I was too sentimental to think about the matter.

That was why I called this tournament of the world cup by that name, the giants' conqueror. I was thinking that either Belgium or Croatia would be the black horse of the world cup owing to their unique style of playing. The French were atrocious and mysterious in their plans and they kept their defending way to win the games, one after the other.

Despite the defeat, the Croatians were heroes and that Croatian midfielder Luka Modric really shone brighthtly. Griezmann and his team  breathlessly scored and won the world cup, but the most interesting event about the tournament was the three presidents, Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron and the lovely president of Croatia, Kolinda Kitarovic. They really attracted the attention. One of them took the attention more than the other two. Can you guess that president?

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Good to see you back Dara.

Sports especially football is not my kind of entertainment.

Main janta, Mishaikh sahib. Thank you. You are the first person to comment on that discussion. Please, extend my regards to your respected family. Thanks for your nice welcoming words.

  Although  I haven't watched the world cup I think that Emmanuel Makron. I hope I am right. Nice blog and well written.

Ifgaristo Anastasia! I thought that you like football. My wife is likewise. She does not like soccer very much. She gets uneasy when she sees me watching the world cup. What is the use, those were her words to me. I am very enthusiastic about soccer. Thanks Ana for your frank comment.

President Croatia Kolinda Kitarovic. is it true ?

Selamat pagi Yuwan. I guess that was it. Look at the comment of moderator Paula. When the matter concerns attraction the daughters of Eve are always the winners. Hey! Yuwan, don't forget about that handsome French president. Thanks for your answer.

I am like Anastasia, Dara.....I did not watch the World Cup either......nor do I know these presidents...….but if being human enters into such a thing.....I would have to say the woman maybe...…...everyone loves to watch a woman.  But I could be wrong......LOL  Nice blog......and nice to see you back after such a long absence......HUGGGGGGGGGGGG

Your hugggggs are killing me softly, lol! You were right. I have just been telling my Indonasian friend, Yuwan about it. When it comes to spotlight, the woman is always the main pivot. There was interaction and solidarity between the French president and the members of his national team, but that lady was a real lady that night. Thanks, mod. Paula for your quick response and for your true and sincere words.

Hello friend!

No idea about soccer XD
I only know France won because I have a friend there. I guess they played well. 
I hope you had fun watching it :)

Take care,


Muchas gracias Purple Raven! Yes, the French won the world cup. There were different tears at that unforgettable night. There were tears of victory and the tears defeat. Both teams played well. We really enjoyed watching them. Thanks for your frank comment.

Kolinda Kitarovic

Shookrun Ahmed Jaber! Most people have the same thought. Thank you.


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