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What are the best games in your idea?

Let's practice some games with each other here that you think they are the best.


Now, we are playing this game:


Do you remember Play Dots?!!

A play like this;


We start to draw some lines one by one. Then every one who can complete a square is given 1 score.

We go on until all of dots are used.

Finally we count the squares of each person and who have more squares is winner.

Now, we want to have this play with new words of English.

Let me put the picture here;




 It will be our play's theme.


What is our duty here?!

We should copy this picture for ourselves and choose a color which we like and then start to draw lines between words in this way:


1-We should wait for our turn. (At least, after next player)

2-We must draw one line in each turn.

**Be careful not to let others make a square with your lines unless you don't have any other way.


3- Everyone who can make a square should draw the next line himself/herself again.


4- The meaning of each word should be written in red rectangles when we select the words to draw a line between them.

You can see the way of drawing from here.


Let's start it with each other. Let me draw the first line, please;


Now, it is your turn.

You can join us at each stage which the game is going on.

So, please join us just now!









We had these games before:


1-20 questions

By Sahar on October 6, 2011 at 10:46pm

I will consider something in my mind, and then you should guess what it is.

We only have 20 questions for each puzzle.

Everyone who finds the answer will be the next questioner.


2- Flowers' game

By Sahar on October 12, 2011 at 11:19am

I will say a word then you consider the last letter of it and say the other word that is started with that letter.


3- Answer before question and ask next one

By Sahar on October 18, 2011 at 10:26am

Answer before question and ask next one.

It means that we should answer the question that we see, and then ask a question.


4- Words' game

by Mahgol on October 18, 2011 at 8:55pm

Let's play with words and make a sentence but by this element that try to use the words in your sentence which start in a same alphabet's letter!

And the sentence that sounds rhythmic is accepted too.


5- Hidden letters

by Sahar on October 30, 2011 at 8:34pm

Questioner considers a word or sentence and says how many letters it has.

Others say letters one by one to see the place of that letter.

Everyone who can find the answer sooner is the winner and s/he will be the next questioner.

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Sahar jan!

what you mean by flower question? what is its realation with game( your first request)?

It means that  answering which flower is a game? or might knowing personality or something like that?

please explain more about your second question!

This may sound like just a fun activity, something which is suitable only for get-togethers or for amusing yourself. But there is actually a science of identifying personality types.

Personality identification grew out of the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and the studies of two American women, Katharine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers. After considerable study of Jung's work, Biggs and her daughter developed a system in which they formulated four personality dimensions and sixteen different personality types.

This test, which has been refined many times over the decades, has been validated by the millions of people who have taken it.

What flowers is a brief description of what has come to be known as the Myers-Briggs test.

Please, take a look at it. As you're reading about these categories, try to place yourself into one or more of them.

We may learn something about our friends, co-workers, and loved ones, and ourselves.


The first dimension is a familiar one:

Extrovert or Introvert

This category has to do with the way in which people direct their energy. An extrovert is basically a person whose energies are activated by being alone.

Mary is a god example of an extrovert. She's the kind of person whom others consider shy, but there's no correlation between shyness and their introversion or extroversion.

At a party, once Mary meets some people she feels comfortable with, she starts to open up and get energized. Her friend Bill is the opposite. Bill isn't shy at all, but after he's been at a party for a while, he's weary and ready to go home. He finds the conversation interesting enough but is just a likely to be imagining a time when he was hiking alone in the mountains.


       *******       *******       *******       *******       *******


The second dimension of personality is sensor or intuitive

This category has to do with the kind of information we notice and remember easily. Sensors are practical people who notice what is going on around them. They rely on past experiences to make determinations. Intuitives are more interested in relationships between things or people. They tend to be imaginative and to focus on what could be. Jack and Barbara, who have been married for years, are good examples of these types.

At a party, Jack whose parents own a sofa company, notices immediately that their hosts have bought a new sofa and asks the hosts where they bought it.

Barbara is much less interested in the strained way their hosts are talking with each other. Did they have a fight?

Jack is the sensor and Barbara the intuitive here.


        *******       *******       *******       *******       *******


The third dimension of personality is thinker or feeler

This category has to do with the way in which we come to conclusions. Thinkers are those who tend to make decision objectively and impersonally on the basis of what makes sense and what is logical. Feelers make decision based on their own personal values and how they feel about choices.

Helen and Gary are good examples. They've just gone to a back to apply for a loan. The loan officer tells them that they owe too much on their credit cards and that they'll have to pay off their debt before they can borrow money. This makes perfect sense to Helen, which leads us to classify her as a thinker.

Gary's reaction is quite different. The loan officer, by whom Gary feels criticized, is only trying to do his job.

Gary takes his comments personally, which is why he is to be considered a feeler.


       *******       *******       *******       *******       *******


The fourth category is judger or perceiver

This dimension has to do with the kind of environment that makes us feel most comfortable. Judgers are people who prefer a structured and predictable environment. They like to make decision and have things settled.

Perceivers are more interested in keeping their options open, performing to experiences as much of the world as possible.

Tim and Samantha are good examples of these types. Tim, who always has a plan for everything, gets impatient with Samantha when he calls and asks her for a date. Tim wants things to be nailed down; Samantha wants to keep her options open and flexible.



So now let's have this question:

What good is the ability to pigeonhole people, or ourselves, for that matter?

It certainly doesn't give us any magic powers or tools for dealing with people. But it can give us insight. It can help us understand others better, and perhaps minimize or at least reduce conflict.

Best of all, it can help us to understand ourselves.

Well,I chose red roz flower for you and white roz flower for myself.


Very nice flower!

Roz is the nicest flower.

heyyyy mahdi !!!!!!

you cheated and chosed my pic for sahar?!hahahaha

although I do not like red color,but I like some red flowers ,specially roz one.

but as myself mmmm...?!

I'm not familiar with flowers name in english and even in persian!!!!

I will think and say later.

far from kidding I love white color flowers,hey mahdi I do not mean you!haha


Let us know your choices!

Me…?! Me…?!!



It's clear!

You are a flower from the Moon :)

You can see flowers' name and their meanings here:



Mahgol , finally I said right .

pa na pa

Next Game!


Please, let's have a new game!

I will consider something in my mind, and then you should guess what it is.

We only have 20 questions for each puzzle.

Everyone who finds the answer will be the next questioner.


Are you ready?!

Let's start…








Ask please!

good game!

but it's hard to fine if only at least you clarify parts of it.for example say it refers to a name,a subject,...?

I mean you should be limited to choose your selected matter.ha?


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