How do you like your tea?

I'm a 5 (more light than strong)...
Kinda like with toasts, where I'm a 15 or 12:

What about you?

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What an interesting thing!

I like different kinds and types of tea and toasts, but my favorite are:

Tea: 4 or 5.

Toasts: 12 or 12.

Btw, the toasts' numbers have a little confusing sequence, comparing with a diagonal sequence of toasts' condition.

12 or 12? yeah, is hard to pick one...

Thanks for dropping by ;)

It should've been 11 or 12

   My tea is number 4 my toast is 15 hot and crispy with melting cheese  :) 

"15 hot and crispy with melting cheese"....

Hey! Your discussion is not inclusive. How 'bout poor "A7", huh?


Ugh, sorry! :((  Here, for you:

And some for me too, 'cause I'm also a coffee lover! (50%, and the other 50% green tea addict) 

Too much nostalgia... I ''Camembert'' it.

'Camembert'? XD 

Ugh... now I want cheese :/

"Gouda"! That's all I wanted. >:)


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