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I want to study abroad.

But I have not decided a country where I want to go yet.

I have some conditions to study abroad.

  • First I like eating Ψ( 'ω'* )  So I want to eat delicious foods in other countries when I study abroad!
  • Second I'm interested in World Heritage. So I want to visit some World Heritages there!
  • Finally my parents are concerned for me. So I want to go to a safe country.

What country do you think is the best that can meet my study abroad conditions?

Also, please teach me about your country!

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I think the main point to study abroad is to choose the best educational system in that country. Each country has its own culture and food, so dont worry! So choose the country which has its best educational system to help you reach your best career! GLuck!

Thanks reply!

It's exactly as you said(o^∀^o)

I think about aim to study abroad again.

Hey, I agree with you that the education system of every country differ, and you need to search for the most effective study abroad program and destination that can enhance your career. You can take the help of study abroad consultant in Sadar Nagpur to Study in UK, USA, Canada and other countries to get the desired information.


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