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Which is better for parents, sons or daughters? 

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this is funny, im 30 years old and don't have children and i dont want to have one, so a week ago i just went to do the vasectomy, the most of my friends think im crazy but i feel very well to have done it

Kiya karega Mishaikh sahib? Abi, main Ivan ka intizar. I am waiting for Mr. Ivan to give his justifications. Of course, I am not going to interfere in his personal matters unless he allows that. Thanks, Mr. Mishaikh for that icon.   

hi dara gino, i don't think i need to justify my decision but since i wrote my reply i was conscious that people was going to give his opinion and im fine with that, you can say wathever you want and im not going to feel ofended, that's why im here too, to see other people's way of thinking. in response about why i dont want children is because i really don't like them, i have a niece and i love her, but i can't stand being with her more than 4 or 5 hours and she is lovely and really quiet but i think that i just don't have the patience, also i want to be able to travel at some point of my life (because right now i dont have money) and have time to learn things do sports and do what i want, and i think that im not going to do it if i have children. I know that may be im too selfish but that's what i want for my life.

Extrania ee gracias Ivan! It is very strange. Do you know why I used that word? In your reply, you said that you had a niece. I have a niece too, no I have more than seven nieces. They are very good and they respect me. Some of them consider me as their second father. The niece is not going to be like the son. I mean your own son. Your love for your child is more than that to the niece. Of course, I said before, I do not want to interfere in your private life and thoughts. One day, you will remember what I said. Our life is a chain of, or rather a continuation from the past till now. Thanks, Ivan for being frank. 

Por kei Ivan? No intiendo. Ivan why? I am wondering and I see that the great blogger is also doing the same thing. I do not want to go into your personal life but the children are the extension of our existence. The children decorate our lives. Of course, you have your own reasons for that. Before knowing about the details of the matter, is it possible to be one of your friends?


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