Which is better for parents, sons or daughters? 

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Mr. Mishaikh,  did you get my reply .  I couldn't see it,

hi,dara.son and daughter both are good,they are same.

Xie xie Elisa! Thanks for your nice comment. Indeed they are both the same in our eyes. 

Dear   dara , I think both are good for parents . When i am married , i prefer girls  than boys  cause i think girls are easy for control life  . They can help me cooking ,washing , cleaning  etc ... and I can wear the  same dress (funny). :-)

Nikunglar Esther? Dear Esther, I guess that is agreed upon, only my question was the controversial one. The girl helps you in cleaning the dishes, arranging the bed sheets, or even cooking for you. That kind of help is not available in the son. Esther is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi ..In different cultures it is very important what to be born...girl or boy..for example chinese people or Indians they kill baby girls because they have to give them dowry... Or worse some parents sell their girls...so everything depends on the country ,tradition and culture.It is very sad when people give birth to children with a certain purpose ...without loving their children.

Starting with the last two lines of your useful comment, it is very sad to have children for a certain purpose. In the era before Islam, people used to kill their girls. They carried the idea of shame. Once you had a female child that meant shame and the person sat in his house trying to avoid the looks of others.

Unlike India, China or some other countries which the bride's family should pay the dowery, Sudan is the other way round. I mean we pay the bride's dowery the gold, the banquet or the feast. Mia, is it possible to be one of your friends?  Thanks for your useful comment.

it's different now,there is no dowry from the bride's family anymore,instead,if you want to marry a girl,you must pay the bride's family,maybe more than $100,000 in big cities like Shanghai or Shenzhen,this depends on the economy of the city, in my home town,you need to pay the family around $20,000 if you want the girl.and it still getting worse for a man,you can't marry any girl if  you got no house,savings and a car,crazy.

Ni hao Leo, first,  let me apologize for this delay. It is a late reply to your interesting comment. Do you really pay that much for the dowry of the bride. Then my information were totally wrong. I thought that and owing to the  high densely population,  it would  be very easy to find a bride. I mean no offense but that was my conclusion to the issue. Forgive me for the late reply and thank you.

No problem.

yeah,it is true,you have to pay a lot for your bride,expecially the bride is from a big city with good economy.think through it,the bride's parents have a house in the city,which values more than 1.8 milions USD,and they indeed have some other possessions,besides,the family earns much every year.do you think how much you pay the parents,they will let you marry their princess,how about the girl is their only daughter?I believe all the parents want to give all best things to the kids.it's not about money,but it can not go without money,lol.

some guys may say,come on,love is priceless,but the parents do not agree,leave my girl and get your ass out of my house,until you got the house,car and the money!!jesusss

Ni hao Leo, it is very interesting. Here, our people exaggerate a lot. They pay more than that amount which you mentioned. Most of this money is by credit. The bridegroom bears a heavy load on his shoulder. He gets a loan from the bank, from his work, from his friends. We do not mention the money which he takes from his mother or father. The funniest thing about this matter is the continuation of this debt until the children are born and their father keeps paying for the debt due to the marriage of their mother.

Concerning love, this is another matter. Whether you love the girl or you worship her, the dowry must be paid. Free marriage happens between cousins or otherwise, in rare cases. Thanks, Leo for your nice intervention.



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