Which is better for parents, sons or daughters? 

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Yes, dara gino, asking in that way you mentioned now, would have been better.

You asked the opposite of that you wanted to know.

Na zisher Rose Iris Will! I really want to know from others. As the saying goes, (always keep an open window in your mind for new ideas). Your ideas and thoughts are very important to me my respected lady. Every day, we learn something. Thanks for your comment.  

In the eyes of God all people are equal. Why should parents make differences?
I know that there are societies in which young people and girls are evaluated from an economic point of view. I know some parents who prefer sons and others who prefer daughters and others who want sons and daughters. I have a son and a daughter and with the best will in the world I cannot say which of them I prefer. I love them both.

Danke dear Bernd Kohl! I am likewise. You know it is a bad idea to make differences between your children. It is true, we are all equal in the eyes of God as you mentioned. Next time, I will try to make thousands of times before I ask such a silly question. The problem is I have sons and daughters and I love them both. It could be that the degree of love from one son or daughter varies but I love them. Thanks, Kohl for your straight comment. 

Hello! Dara, Whatever Almighty Allah wills for us is for sure the best. However, only parents are responsible for rising up their children to be as they wish. 

Dear Ocean, I totally agree with you. Our children are the source of our happiness. Money and children are the decoration of life and you know that and everybody knows that. As you say, parents should raise their children according to the correct manners. It is a responsibility on their shoulders. Thanks, Ocean for your nice comment on that discussion.

As a parent, If have a daughter you need to live your life always in fear about her, She will always in trouble in everywhere like street near by your home ,School, Collage ,Market, while travelling in busses and trains as well as social media. Not every time outsiders are bad, Sometime daughters will demand for freedom from their parents and later they will misuse this freedom. So, I think son is better then daughters.


Nikhil, aap ziyada parishan nahi manta unnah? It true that one must take good care of his daughter. Nowadays, girls are more daring than men. Especially those who play sports. I have seen women who threaten men. You are the only one who prefers sons. Thanks, Nikhil for your comment

ha ha ha, Dara sir,

I'm not fed-up from anything. Actually i expected girl child from god but he gave me two sons. Now, I can't ignore them because they are also god gift and I love them a lot.

I think we are only giving comfort to ourselves by saying that 'Girls are more daring then man', Because we are still using the word , 'Nowadays' instead of 'erstwhile.' 


Thanks for your great reply.

Danyavaad Nikhil! I hope you have one soon. Whether they are sons or daughters they are the ornamentation of life. The matter might have been very easy had I put my question in a reasonable way. Despite that, we call ourselves teachers and we teach but sometimes we stand helpless in front of small matters. Thanks, Nikhil for your frankness and may The Almighty offer you what you hope for. 

Both are great for parents (should be).  I am lucky that I belong to a daughter loving family.  But We consider both equal.  I have given equal opportunities to my son and daughter in all aspect of life.  Provide equally both of them the higher education.  But I must say here my heart tends more towards daughter at the same time my love for my son is not less.

Thanks dara.

Bilkul Mishaikh sahib!  That was exactly my reply to Evangelina, Khol, Rose , Ocean, and many other respected members.  The matter is very clear but the problem was the  silly way of my question . Our children are our livers that walk on earth as they say. The extra love for any one of them,  you have no power to resist it. Thanks Mr. Mishaikh for your explanation. 


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