Which is better for parents, sons or daughters? 

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Booth i meant

Teskkur Ferhan! Dear teacher Ferhan,  if we make a simple comparison,  don't you see any difference? I personally have not tried that on myself. Thanks,  teacher for your nice and sincere feelings. 

Hello Mr. Dara,

I am curious to know your answer upon this matter, is it possible to know your opinion sir?

I find it absolutely choking that this has to be raised as a question even, though this is also a choking fact that there is heavy gender discrimination still in today s world.

How sad is that not. People who think of boys being more worth than girls, are often illiterate uneducated people, who are not even able to fight for their own human rights, then how are they able to fight for anything else.

A lots of ugly things happens to children around the world, and sadly girls are high represented in those statistics.

One fact for such people is; They should remember when they are lying on their death bed, it is their daughters who are there for them! Shame on such people.

Boy or girl, both are equally precious.

Oh my goodness! What have I said or done? Evangelina, you really showed me how naive I am. You and other respected members like Mustafiz, Ferhan, Svitlana, Darius, Ahmed, Rose, Bernd Kohl, and others whom I haven't seen their comments yet. The question was provoking for human nature, Eva. I shouldn't have put it in that discriminatory way.

  I love my son, Mohammed a lot. On the other hand, I love my daughter Fatimah, too. She wakes me up and massages my back. Honestly, I feel that my question was not logical at all because they are all that you call (liver angiotome). I will leave your daring answer and see what Mr. Darius has to say. Thanks, Evangelina for your provoking question.

Hello Mr Dara,

With all the respect, I was not blaming you in my comment, what I have expressed is my opinion on this topic.

I like when members has the guts to post controversial topics, what I on the contrary doesn’t like is, when the post holder isn’t able to handle all kind of in coming point of views ... views that make the discussion interesting.

What is the purpose of posting a discussion if everyone just agree? 

Just people should refrain from personal insults, in posting topics and in commenting.

I thought you by the time of now, knew me better ;)) Hmmm :/

Dear Evangelina, not at all my lady! I know very well your high manners. You are not the kind of person who insults or demeans the others. I was blaming myself for the way of my question. It should not have been in that discriminatory way. Our children decorate our life. Thanks again, my respected lady. Don't forget to extend my regards to your friends and family.

Hi Dara !

Thank you for  the new topic ,

Maybe such comparison was meaningful centuries ago when people used to count on sons as the main human resource factor to earn much money , to work in the farms or  factories or  to be soldiers in local wars. But these days everything has changed and new lifestyle, technologies , human dignity ,  Laws and so many other social factors had been cause for an equity between sons an daughters in parents' view . As a result there is no difference to have a son or a daughter in developed countries or in the most developing countries as well and I think these days such point of view is really rare. 

Khaili mumnoon nabiga Darius! You did not want to show me my narrow thoughts about the matter. I see that you used diplomacy in answering my trifle question. I asked myself as a parent, who is a better offspring, a son or a daughter? Who is more necessary in the family, Mohammed or Fatimah?

As you mentioned, things have changed. We are not living in those gloomy and dark ages. I have just been telling Evangelina, I have got myself into a deep hole by asking this silly and naive question. Thanks again Darius for your smart comment. 

helllo dara

i think  daughters 

Shookran Ya Ahmed! Thanks, Ahmmed2015.  

Just to come up with this question is discriminatory. If someone asks others for an answer, doesn't believe in the equality of the sexes.
Women and men need each other. They cannot exist without each other. That's all I have to say.

Genau Rose Iris Will! You are right about it. If I had put the question in another logical way, away from discrimination, the readers might have agreed to that. For instance, Who is more caring and benefit for the family? Or are daughters more caring than sons? I mean, I should have tried to avoid any discrimination concerning my question about the discussion. Thanks, Rose for your precise answer.


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