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Which is better for parents, sons or daughters? 

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Parents.. because i'm still unmarried..

 Vanakkam Midnigh T! I hope that you will find the suitable guy soon. Thanks for your first comment on this discussion, 

It depends on tahrir caring

Teskkur ederim Ferhan! Thanks for your quick and smart answer. I agree with you. Don't forget to extend my greetings to your respected family. Thanks again.

Both are better

Sub sei paihili, main tumku dost manta. Lol! Thanks, Mustafiz Khan for this diplomatic answer. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks again.

daughters in my opinion, since they are more caring

Sungay Shahla! I really hope to be one of your friends. Can I get the friend request? I will be very happy. Thanks for your answer. What about the sons? They do not care about their parents. Thanks for your comment.

All kids are great. These gifts are given us by God. How can we choose who is better for us?
Their treating you in your old age depends only on your upbringing them now. No matter it will be a son or a daughter.

Dujay dyakuyu Svitlana! I really agree with each word you said. Even teacher Ferhan suggested the same idea of upbringing the child. Of course, I did not mean to make my question like this, are sons more important than daughters?  Or are daughters more important to their families? As a woman, you know perfectly well that the girl gives more attention and care to her family, am right? Thanks, Lana for your nice intervention.  

Borg the same,ın my opinion.

Nasilsin Ferhan! Teacher Ferhan, both are considered the decoration of life. I agree with you.


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