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Which is better for parents, sons or daughters? 

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Teskkur ederim Baku Xatun! Thanks a lot, my dear respected lady. Do you mean that sons are loved most by their mothers? Why do daughters love their fathers more than their mothers? It should be the other way round, Baku, am I right? I also agree with you, they are both the same. I love my son Mohamed and I love my daughter Fatima. One thing is certain. The volume of love from one son or daughter varies, isn't that true? Thanks again Baku.  

A question made by a person where males - ''sons'' are appreciated moro. No surprise :) Shouldn't have ever been even asked such questions! 

Madloba MA NO! Mr. Nikhil who preferred the sons more. He said that females are vulnerable and you have to be alert all the time watching them going and coming. Mano, is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your comment.

Tetapi mengapa Nigh T.? They are gifts from God. Those children ornament or appliques our life. My respected lady, I think ignorance has to do with this matter. Without the female, how can I come to this world? She is the one who cuddles me and makes me warm during winter and in needy times. She has the tender chest for all of us. No doubt, the matter has to do with ignorance of life. Thanks, Nigh T. for your thoughtful comment. 

Thanks, Mr. Essberger for pressing the like button.

Both  genders are precious  I guess as they are unique with their own personality and  talents ..

Boys  too have  strong  bondage with  parents through good parenting , time , love  and values taught to them .

The best years  to nurture  them is from cradle to to five to get warm  and  good  caring  kids as  the environment  they grow  is  what  last  within  them 

Vanakkam mod. Nadira! How are you, my respected lady? That what most of the respected readers mentioned. The controversial question was a headache. I mean the way I had put that question. it was not properly constructed. I, myself was not happy with it, can you believe that? As a teacher, I carry a message. I should be very honest delivering that message. Thanks, mod. Nadira for your nice comment.

Sir  I agree with you its  a natural question  people  do feel and ask  .  :)) So do not  take it as an head ache. Smile  :)

Neer nalavar mod. Nadira! I really appreciate your support and polite way of commenting on my discussion about sons or daughters. I just felt that there was some irresponsibility in the way of putting that question in that way. Nevertheless, thanks again for your support. 

For me i like both daughter and sons because each one has her fonction

Shookran bizzaf aala a chat. Thanks for chatting with me. You are a good student. May Allah bless you.  As you say, each child male or female has his own value. Fatima,  I really appreciate your nice words.Thank you. 

Bahut bahut shukriya  Mishaikh sahib! I really appreciate your support . Thanks for pressing the like button. 


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