Share please the pictures of your baby or kid age here!

Hello everyone! Please don't be so shy or afraid to share the pictres of your baby/kid age here! I am making the first step to make you feel more relaxed and calm. Here are my photos:

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Let me ask my mum to forward my rare ones lol I have very few but let's see when I will get em I will post.

Hi Muskan! Deal:)

Good Idea! I will post some, too ... I think, it will be funny because my childhood was for ages...LOL

Thank you Rose! Ok:)

Hi Roman, I found some old pictures from my childhood and a few from the time between my childhood and now.

I did post them right now. I think it will take some time until they get approval.

Yes, they aren't available to open yet. I will review them later:)

I just reviewed those your pictures:) And I want to say that my mood has risen! Because all your pictures are shining with positive! It was impossible not to smile while seeing them! Thank you for sharing, Rose:D

Oh nice, let's see how some EC members were before their young spirit were ruined with that thing called "adulthood"

I can give you a rough idea of how was 'baby Mary' with these pics:

Awwwwwww:DDD "Armed and dangerous!" To say "So cute" = to say nothing!

Thank you very much MARY!

i am not sure where my mum put it.. ^^  probably somewhere 

Hi Fizzy! No problem! You know, even if you will not upload your pictures here, you can remember the stories of your life:) So it is up to you! Thank you! Good luck!


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