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There are things in this world which can't be explained by our RELIGIONS but can be explained by SCIENCE so if your religion says that a particular thing exist and science claims it doesn't  vice versa...... who would you believe in  SCIENCE OR YOUR RELIGION  and why......

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Thanks for your comment.

i don't know.. i don't really consider myself particularly religious but i do think it's important to have faith in things especially the ones you don't understand. ^^

Yes .....To follow something blindly is not worth doing.

Well, I would like to say that I believe in both science and religion. Because I believe that both of science and religion are come from one GOD, and both of them complete each other. They shouldn't be opposite. Of course our understanding in religion and science are not perfect, that's why we need to improve it. If we notice, sometimes there are new inventions that prove the truth of religion. And the understanding of religion keep us to learn science and use it correctly.. That's my opinion..

Ria @ Sometimes religion misleads it's followers anyway ......Thanks for your comment

I agree with you Ann..........I do the same.

Don't believe neither in science nor religion..

Oh! So who do you believe in ??

Hi Narendra. This is a good topic here to discuss and have a say from EC members. In my opinion, I am still confuse about this topic. I grew up in devoted catholic family but times  goes by I am becoming confuse about my faith although, I am still believing perhaps because it's part of my childhood. We learn about Science when we start schooling, read books. watch on tv, and through experiments. But there are things science cant explain it.

Religious people believe just through their Faith, they pray because they believe their God will answer it eventhough they can't hear the voice of their God. However, in Science we believe through Facts but we didnt still witness by our naked eyes. Like "theory of evolution", " big bang theory" did we witness by our naked eyes? Religious people believe through their Faith with the help of their holy books, its the same as Science believer they believe through Facts and scientist theories.

To sum up, Iam at the middle and that the best thing I can do so that there is no argument. Hardi is right, Life on earth  is boring. We dont need a perfect World.


It's an interesting topic. I would say that I believe my own experience and experience of my friends. For example, once I have seen the process of mind-reading and it wasn't a joke. So it doesn't matter if the science or religion can explain it - there's such thing and I know it for sure. By the way even scientitsts agree that some things cannot be explained just because our knowledge level isn't high enough so maybe one day religious and scientific points of view will correlate with each other.

Generally I believe that we live in very interesting times because nowadays we have a lot of information, so I think that we should use both scientific and religious worldviews, combine them and create our own scene of the world.

Sciences provide substances to what we don't know. Religion is the light in our darkest moment that Sciences cannot give the answer.

I personally believe, that religion based on faith, was primitive thinking of humankind. The human being couldn't explain or express scientific view about the universe, so the human being invent myths and superstitions, especially in Pharaohs. On the other hand in Greece, the philosopher there could express about the universe by scientific view. 


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