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There are things in this world which can't be explained by our RELIGIONS but can be explained by SCIENCE so if your religion says that a particular thing exist and science claims it doesn't  vice versa...... who would you believe in  SCIENCE OR YOUR RELIGION  and why......

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I'm not really religious, but I'm not also complete atheist. I really don't know....

If example: Some scientist would prove that there's no such thing as, magic, witchcraft, fairy, spirits and other that kind of things.. and they never existed. I suppose if it's well proved and backed by science and facts.. I should believe.. although it would make me very sad and unhappy.

Fortunately it's difficult to prove that something doesn't exist. They could only prove that in this hour that day and year there wasn't anything unexplained happening in some certain location that they observed, but also science admits that there may be things they don't know yet and are unable to measure... so even that's not certain.

Anyway. I rather believe into science than religion, but I also believe to possibility that there may be some unfathomable things that can't be explained by science.. The world would be too boring otherwise. ^_^


I'm certain there actually are UFO's spirits, witches, fairy, angels, dragons and etc.Whatever the science, or religion, or sane mind says. ^_^

HI Hardi thanks for participating in the discussion ..i do agree with u that if something is clearly proved by science and facts then we must accept it......but as you mentioned there are things which can't be explained by science TODAY but who know tomorrow it might explain it.......by the way very nice comment........bye
As a matter of fact, you said what I wanted to. Great mentality!
Hardi! I have attentively read your reply. Knowing me you may be surprised but I agree. Science is the first, no doubt, but there should be some free space for dreaming. Otherwise life would be dull. However, I would rather believe in UFO and alians than in  holly conception. Have you ever met a woman pregnant of spirit?

Since I don't know whether spirits really exist, or whether I can see them. I think that even when there was a woman pregnant by spirit. I might not see her pregnancy also.. :P


Well, I think the religion is actually rather like a medium for people that helps them to commune with them selves... It's how people translate the words in those books. So some people might get idea that it tells them to love and tolerate everyone, while some people understand it a way as to go to kill. So the religion is a tool to help people to communicate with their inner self. Unfortunately not everyone learn to translate it for their own way.. to find them self or smth. There's many people following some leaders etc. There are also some who in-tolerate people who understand those words indifferently.

It's one of the wonder of human language. Some of the sentences can be understand many ways.. People may find hidden meaning that never existed in there.


The religions that survive best are the ones more flexible and dynamic. So when science comes out with new useful things, then also the religion can adapt them.


Science too, can be rigid. There's many scientists been labeled as crazy.. While there's many religious people being labeled heretic and pagans... Whether it's science or whether it's religion, the important thing is still the ability to use your own head. The information you heard or read from science book or from religious book can't beat the things you game up by your own..

Dear Hardi! Your point of view is very mature. I can't disagree. You are absolutely right that different people accept holly books accoring to their mentality. Besides, religion has always been a tool but a tool for what? I completely agree that the original sence of religion is for us to find peace of our minds but it doesn't work for sure. How can a mentally normal educated modern person believe in holly conception or rapture?! I would rather believe in reincarnation! At least, there is some common sence in it!

Honestly, I have never felt any hasitation as to my believes. I have been born an atheist and will die being 100% sure there is no  life after death. I have already written my Last Will that reads my dead body should be burned down and my ash should be thrown into any river.

In the conclusion, I want to say that our understanding of life is the result of our life experience and any books can't replace it.

Nice reply, Hardi!

Dear Hardi! Your attitude to this problem is absolutely clear and I have already replied to your comment (see above). However, I'd like to add a few words. If you, or any other person, hesitates, I recommend to read one of the greatest books ever written on this subject. It is "Pagan Christ" by Robert Stone, 1900 edition. If you still hesitate after reading it, you are welcome to go on with this discussion
HI Asmaa are u trying to say that, if know that few things which are taught in your religion are proven wrong by science even though you are going to believe your religion rather than accepting the facts........is it wise ????????
....it is acceptable that you love your religion so much,we all do believe and love our respective religions .....but if one becomes blind because of it ...then it is very sad ....end of the day every religion has been formed or established for the betterment of people ...and NOT for spoiling their lives......it is very dangerous trend.....
...it is for all three of you Sama, Asmaa and Anah when you say that your religion explains every thing, this claim of yours surprises me a lot ....is it really possible for a religion to explain EVERYTHING.....you can't bury your head in the sand just to avoid the facts.......
oh sorry that comment was meant for Asmaa, so Sama it's not your fault  it is mine....i apologise ......
thanks .........but we have to be realistic.........


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