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Do you like reading books?

For what purpose do you read books?

what kind of books you prefer?

Is it useful or not? how?

Reading interest depends upon age?

Reading is my hobby.But I don't have enough time to read.During travel time I enjoy reading.I read novels for entertainment.I think reading increase our span of attention and improves our curiosity.

What about you?? 

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Hahaha! That looks like a happy Cthulhu 

Does it now? Your idea of happiness is disturbingly subjective which is absolutely fine, by the way.

I like reading books/whatever readable.  Reading is very essential for learning (in every learner of the language case).

I read books basically for learning, for enjoying, for relaxing, for nurturing my writing my power.

I mostly like novels, or sometimes informative articles and essays.

Like I said earlier it is (reading) very useful, especially for learning. READ AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. It provides word power, opens the vision, increase experience, life experience.

If you have build a reading habit, there is no age limit.  I started reading since my childhood and still I am reading.

Hi Kala , 

As for me reading is not just a mere hobby . I can not go through the day without reading . I started reading at the age of four and I have not not stopped reading until today. I can read any thing newspapers magazines historical books , but I prefer novels the most . I really try hard because I wanna be a novelist  . The last novel I read was  Wuthering Heights .I truely recommend it it is very interesting . In fact I read it more than one time  , it is worthy reading. 

I like reading books. It gives me simulated experience which I can't experience and new knowledge. I am recently reading easy English books to improve my English and enjoy them.

Yes I love reading books (in physical) not e-books. (Though I read e-books too sometimes.)

Main purpose is to enjoy, then to expand, emotional, sensual, social perspective.  (Though I myself is not social).

The book, every book which can attract my reading attention.

It is no doubt, how, (don't ask read books yourself you will understand).

No, there is no limit of age, you can read book from when you start reading till  death.

More and more public libraries are buying an ebook service. Check yours. 

Otherwise check the author's website and publisher's website. Most authors can't afford to give their books away for free. But most are willing to give you a chapter for free to read. Amazon also lets you read a sample of most books. 

Good example this article

However more and more authors are having their books stolen. Authors are not paid for stolen books and if an author doesn't sell enough, the publisher will not take a chance on future books by that author. 

"Because that’s what it boils down to is convenience. People who illegally download books are more interested in their convenience than in supporting the authors they want to read. It’s not hard to go to the library, it just takes time.


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