This is a picture of high school students in Santa Fe praying silently for victims of a mass shooting. When a person posted this picture on Twitter, some people said it showed racial discrimination. Can you find the reason?

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All the girls are holding each other hands except the second girl from the right. She is not holding the hand of First Girl and one can easily see the reason for it :)

It is simple.

You could find it easily.:D

by the way, it would also possible that these two girls had fought or do not like each other ( I mean unnecessary fight of girls) and they do not talk to each other that is why they refuse to hold each other hand..... and it is not racial discrimination. :)

Yea, it is difficult to judge it just by this picture.

A photo taken in the right place at the right moment could make us think or ask questions out of context. 

To my mind this particular photo has no any sort of discrimination necessarily. The girls knew perfectly that they were being watched and filmed by a multitude.  Just my view :)

Yes, this picture makes us think about mass shootings. It was noticed apart from the original purpose.

It is clear something is uncomfortable there......not sure if it is due to discrimination.....but a possibility.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand this case maybe not so much.......for we can only offer a guess.  Thanks for the pic does prod the imagination and makes us wonder!!!

Thank you for your comment. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but not in this case.

They're not holding hands with the black girl.



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