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Hello  dear members , lets read out a prose passage from our favorite book

This  way  we concentrate on our pronounciaton  articultiaon  and presentation style.



An extract from Paduma meets the Sunbird

Paduma and the Monitor

His left cheek is stinging.

Paduma bites his lips and keeps his head up, determined not to cry.  He hears the sniggers and whispers of the children seated behind him.  Those seated in front  turn to look; they have gleeful grins pasted across their faces,

  MissRupa goes  striding back to the blackboard to continue the lesson,  Paduma  stares at the back of her head to hide his confusion and anger.

  The plan that worked so well int he previous year has gone badly this time.

  Miss Premini had been  the class teacher in Grade Four . A kind and  placid person , she had struggled to maintain order in her class of hyperactive nine year old children.  the  girls were well behaved but the boys had brought the class to the edge of anarchy.  Most of them came to school because their mothers  had threatened to hang them by their ears if they didn't; they only needed the slightest excuse to create some disturbance that would  prevent lessons being taken.

Paduma had been , by far, the noisiest and most incorrigible. Miss Premini had been at her wit's end till she made an inspired decision.

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immense  improvement  Mayumi 


you read it pleasantly and with clarity

..Thank you very much, teacher. Glad to know that I am improving. :)

An Extract of Paduma meets the Sunbird


Miss Rupa  has a look of wonder on her face.  Paduma is ecstatic; this is his moment .  


    "Stand up, you "  Miss Rupa says  pointing at Paduma.  all the children must see the cleverest boy in the class."  This  is wonderful  how am I cleverer than Saro, who has all the correct answers .
Paduma is on his feet, smiling  proudly all eyes are on him .

The  answer to the first question is 8 Lt  190 ml.  Most of  you have got it right , " Miss Rupa says slowly .
" This Buffalo writes  the correct answer , then crosses  it out and writes 8.5 kilograms"

The children scream with laughter  ; Paduma prays for the earth to split open and swallow him up . He turns  to look at the wretch who had tricked him .  Saro has covered her face with her hands , but her  shoulders are heaving ; as she has fever.

Stay in for the next extract  to  the  woes of  Paduma :))))



thumbs up for u nadira i like ur rythm sometimes up and sometimes down u may read me a story before i sleep  :D thnk u nadira i really like it :)



Thank you  dreamy awaiting  to hear your reading too :))))))

Thank you  Mayumi


I will send  you the link  to this book  very  soon 

It is  an exciting  story  of  child hood  hyper activeness and how  teacher's can change thier lives

  Yes   I will continue  Paduma's  saga, so  ,  see  you soon sweet Mayumi






Khaliqur Rahman

I can't, for the life of me, understand why after all some people should be so much hell bent upon directing their over-flowing love on dogs. Have all other human beings died? And, why pray, should they be choosing only Dobermann Pinchers or Alsatians or Boxers or Bulldogs or Grey hounds or Bull-terriers or Poodless or Pekinese to shower the so called surfeit of their love on.

The very sight of a lady -- I doubt if that's' the right word -- and the lap-dog boils my blood, and, I tell you, in the fit of my ungovernable temper I lose sight of what is what and I can never ever tell you which one is the woman and which one is the dog and which one is more bitchy.

What right, I ask, do they have to chain this beautiful animal? Having trained them to perform certain feats like taking a high jump or retrieving a tennis ball or a hidden object, they take extreme pride in talking about them to make conversation in their drawing rooms. What is worse, they take this conversation unashamedly to other peoples’ drawing rooms, too.

My evening yesterday was spoilt thus. We had gone to our in-laws'. And I tell you, my in-laws are all honourably lovable and human beings, except perhaps when my FIL chooses to turn to his majestic Alsatian. His fads at the age of seventy-plus are cricket, religion and dogs. And I consider myself to be most extremely lucky to have two-thirds of the area of his interest overlapping with mine. You can talk on cricket and religion almost endlessly and I nearly always managed to play within the safe limits.

But yesterday evening all the elements combined to conspire against me. One of my friends who I must say is extremely good and lovably honourable visited our empty house with his wife and children. Not finding us there they made a successful chase to our in-laws'.

They were greeted with nimbupani and FIL. After a brief phatic communion I just do not know how my friend and FIL established themselves into talking about their dogs. They were ably assisted by my friend's smart younger son who seemed to have read everything available on this earth on dogs.

I came to know that FIL once possessed two really great ones. One was called “Major Sa'b” and the other "Colonel Sa'b”. And, whenever FIL sat in his garden in the evenings with his family, there used to be a special chair for "Major Sa'b" who according to him was more egoistic than the "Colonel". If there wasn't one for him, he would quietly make a survey, go to the smallest child and push him out of the chair by his right paw and sit there.

I don't remember, whatever all, my good friend said about his Pincher and Alsatian who they call Phantom and Devil. I don't know how often, in my unbearable malaise I threw on them God knows how many of my nasty wintry smiles. All of them went afloor.

They were talking of dogs and dog-sense!


Thank you Khaliqur  Rahman  Sir  
It was enjoyable to listen to your story

I guess as  Dogs are  DUMB.. so we  humans  should  extend  our kindness to them.


Personally  I  am not in favor of rearing  pets , though they come home self invited :)

A small part of " Fruits of the earth " by Andre Gide

"Why have you not understood that all happiness is a chance encounter and that every moment presents itself to you like a beggar by the roadside?"

"Your dream of tomorrow is a delight, but the delight of tomorrow is another"

"Never prepare your joys"

Everything comes at its own hour, Nathaniel; everything is born of its need and is merely, so to speak, the outward expression of a need.
"I needed lungs", said the tree, "and my sap turned to leaves so that I might breathe. Then when I had breathed, my leaves fell and I did not die. My fruit contains all my thoughts life."
Don't be afraid, Nathaniel, that I shall overdo this form of apologue, for I don't much approve of it. The only wisdom I want to teach you is life. For thinking is a heavy burden. I exhausted myself when I was young by following the results of actions as far as I could into the future, and I was never sure of not sinning save by not acting.
Then I wrote: "I owed the health of my body to the irremediable poisoning of my soul." Then I ceased to understand what I have meant by this.
Nathaniel, I no longer believe in sin.


Nathaniel, I must speak to you of moments. Do you realize the power of their presence? A not sufficiently constant thought of death has given an insufficient value to the tiniest moment of your life. Don't you understand that the moment  would not take on such incomparable vividness, if it were not thrown up, so to speak, on the dark background of death?
I should make no further attempt to do anything at all, if I were told, if it were proved to me that I had unlimited time to do it in. I should begin by resting from the effort of making up my mind to do something, if I had time enough to do everything else as well. I should always do no matter what, if I did not know there was an end to this form of life " and that when I have lived it out, I shall rest in a sleep a little deeper, a little more forgetful than the one I look forward to every night"



you narrated  it  with  the  correct  enunciation , pronunciation  and  pitch.  The  back ground music  goes  compliments  


Well  done :))

Nadir a 


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