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The new year countdown is underway.

What is your expectation for the new year 2018?

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Main bhee Mishsikh. Pint is a good lady. I wished her and her family nice wishes for the coming year 2018. Thanks.

Nahi nahi Mishaikh sahib. The founder meant it was just like any other previous year. It could carry good events or unexpected ones. It is true the comment is short but there are many probabilities inside it. Thanks again for your comment.

You and your family too, Mishaikh.

Wish you all the best.

Pint acha larkee. Pint is a good lady. I hope she and her family are well. 

I expect 2018 to have 365 days :)

Is it not a leap year Josef?

Ladies and gentlemen of the club did you know what did Mr. Essberger mean by that? 2018 is going to be like its previous sisters. Despite the shortness of the comment but I guess it carries two contradictory meanings. His comment tends to expect the worst aspects of things to happen. At the same time, it is an inclination to emphasize the best conditions might happen in the coming days of 2018. Smart tendency!

my hope in 2018 is that i will be better and have a happier day with my family and stronger belief in Allah swt

Terima kasih Adi! Saya harap juga. I hope that you and your family will have a strong belief in Allah. We want health safety. This is always our priority when we ask Allah. Thanks for your nice hopes. 

Hello Dara,

Thank you so much for this great question. For me, 2017 has been a wonderful year since i was fortunate to achieve most of my set goals. As we gradually enter 2018, it's my greatest hope and prayers that the Almighty Allah keep my family and I save all through the year. To the point, my expectation for 2018 is to become a better person than I am today.To have the opportunity to explore all parts of my country considering the beautiful landscapes, mountains, river and forests. Most importantly, I pray for knowledge, wisdom and a wonderful team to help build and transform my organization in effort to protect our environment from human induced activities that are posing threat to our survivibility.

Asante sana Komala. May Allah bless you and your family too. In fact, the year 2017 was a very unlucky year for some people and lucky for others, like you. The majority think it was a year of severe complications, wars, trouble here and trouble there. Let's hope as you mentioned, the year 2018 will be a year of peace and tranquility for all of us. Thanks, Komala.

in new year In Sha ALLAH i hope for my best jobs and i will play vital role in my field. Telecommunication


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