The new year countdown is underway.

What is your expectation for the new year 2018?

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Main aap ku khush kismati ki duaa deta hain. Dear Faisal, I wish you look. We hope the new year will be a year of good luck to all of us. Thanks Rehman for your promising comment. 

happy new year evry body I expectation for the new year 2018 That peace prevails in the world

Walahi ya Ali, ana aiyiz di. Ana ahib un takoon adunya kulaha bekhair. Thanks for your sincere wishes. I know that they are coming from your deep kind heart. Thank you.

My simple expectation: to get a better life than this year, to be stronger and more patient to face the problems, and be wiser person.

Saya berharap yang terbaikmu, Diah. I will you all the best in your life, you and your respected family. I guess you are a wise person too. Thanks for your nice comment on the new year 2018. By the way, I am optimistic about it. 

I am planning to take the IELTS exam in the mid of 2018. now is looking for some way to practice on each paper

Shiji da Rick! It is a good thing you do so that you will be able to work easily and get a good salary. This test is very useful to the learners. They will be qualified to take high-rank jobs. Thanks Rick for your promising comment in the new year 2018.

Well it may sound a little odd , Certainly we should stay positive however i don't expect much in the coming time unless we strive to change for better.

Subhan Allah, you and the great blogger, Mr. Mishaikh have the same opinion. You are saying that nothing is obvious in the near future or the coming year. White Knight, as you said, let's strive to change for the best. I am beginning to see a glimmer of hope in the coming year 2018. Thank you.

Nasalu Allaha attawfeeq lana wa lakum ya SNR. We all hope for the best. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your comment.


What do you mean, would you leave EC permanently?

Aap khosh gismat hain, Mishaikh. I am glad that people love you a lot. Main Allah bless you always. Thanks for your comment about that lady.   


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