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The new year countdown is underway.

What is your expectation for the new year 2018?

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Wa! Justin Belieber, what an expectation? The new year, twenty eighteen is bringing you a lot of money and luck I guess. I hope all your plans will become true. Thanks for a proactive comment.

I do not have much Expectations.

We are not ready to mend ourselves as a society, as a nation, as a community, as an individual and above all as human.  In this stubbornness what we can expect.

BUT IT IS COMMANDED to us to HOPE FOR THE BEST. SO I HOPE FOR THE BEST, in spite of my pessimism.

Nirashavaad ke ake najar, mera dost, Mr. Mishaikh. Thank you! One thing, I like most of you. It is your straightforward frankness. You never turn or bluff. You give your point of view without any cheating or joking. It is true, the appearances do not promise good. If the great ones decide to agree, we might see some hope in the new year, 2018!    

*the greatest one......................the greatest one (The Only).

Thanks for your appreciation.

Aap sei ziadah ke mustahag hain, Mr. Mishaikh. Naturally, you deserve more than that. Remember that saying about the letter is known from its address. Thanks for your proactive comment on that coming year, 2018.

I haven't any expectation about 2018 year... Maybe later I will get some...

Jakuyu miy druh! Thanks for your comment.

Interesting topic, Dara Gino.

1. I expect to be a happier couple with my husband by traveling to places since we still in our first year after being together.

2. I expect to be a healthier person by going to do more exercise.

and yours?

Khwan prathina ni kun chan, Pint. I wish you all the best in your life. Extend my regards and best wishes to your husband and tell him that we want to see him also as one of the members. I am also planning to travel with my wife and see different places. She told me that this she wanted to see Europe and America. Again, I wish you and your husband a happy new year 2018 in advance! 

Happy New Year to both of you too :)

I wish both of you have a wonderful trip together

and get a lot of good experiences in an upcoming year.

Khubkhun mak, Pint. I really appreciate your nice wishes for me and the great blogger. Thanks a lot.

Amen Pint May your wishes be fulfilled always.


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