The idea of the debate came to me while I was chatting with the distinguished lady, Bet. The subject is not new; it is about marrying more than one wife. God said, ((And if you fear to deal justly with orphan girls, you can marry a woman of your choice, two, and three, and four. If you are afraid to be just, take one…)). Therefore, our religion did not make polygamy obligatory or encouraged it, only in certain cases and for certain reasons. 

Will two women make a man happy? Suppose, he has three, will he be happier? What about four? These are rare cases for us, the men. In case of money and ability to do so.

One woman is enough to make her man happy. By the way, I used to have four but not at one time. I could not feel that happiness or the peace of mind. Some men might have one wife and three or four secretly. Is that right? Of course, the matter is different from one community to the other. It is a long story, but the members can give some help.     

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It’s a good question. But some men never learn^

Akhirnya kamu berkomentar tetapi dengan Tuan Josef Essberger. Saya harap akan menjadi teman kamu. At last, you commented, Hayabusa. I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your reply to Mr. Josef regarding Polygamy. 

You missed an excellent opportunity to make a language point: the meaning of poly, mono etc ;)

Thanks Mr. Josef for your comment. 


It's not an order from Allah to men that they have to marry more than one woman, it's all about choices, men can't be just, it's about their desire to have more than one, there are women who accept the situation they accept to live with other women even in a same house and never complain about that.

What i wanna say is that it isn't a rule, it isn't a law like all men think, it's a choice to make with the agreement of a woman of course.

it's a good subject to discuss especially with muslims who interprete Koran as they like.

Shookran bizzaf ya Fatiha! Wa lakin haka mush miziyan. I agree with you. Some of us translate what is going according to their desires and wishes. Those women who agree to live with another woman in the same house as the second or first wife. They have courage and determination. The matter is not a fixed rule. Imagine me having more than two big famous companies. What do I do with all that money? Thanks Fatiha for your comment.    

It is up to you to think that way as it is for me as a woman.

All my respects

La mushkila ya Fatiha. Ana ahtrim wijhat natharik. I really respect your point of view. Thanks for your comment again.

By the way, you are the first to comment here. I really appreciate it. For the observation, of the language, I guess you were right about it. As I mentioned before, I need some help from the members regarding this matter. Despite your various responsibilities, you act quickly and succinctly. Many many thanks. 

It’s useful to know and recognize many prefixes such as poly and mono:

poly = many (polygamous, polyglot, polygon, polyhedron, polysyllabic, polytheism)

mono = one (monogamous, monochrome, monocycle, monolingual, monopod, monopoly, monosyllabic, monotheism)

other prefixes include: bi (two), tri (three), quad/quat (four)

Somebody could create a challenge for members to create sentences including words beginning with:

poly, mono, bi, tri, quad, penta, hexa, hepta, octa, nona

Thank you, Mr Josef Essberger for such simple explanation!

Hahah, I remember about penta, hexa, hepta, octa, nona, deca from the school chemistry clases :)

Dyakuyu Roman! We should make a challenge regarding this matter as Mr. Josef mentioned. I hope the members will make a challenging topic about it. Thanks for your comment on Polygamy.


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