Some ladies pluck their hair and others shave it. Plucking is painful. Our family members especially the females feel great pain during the process. You can see the tears in their eyes while another lady is plucking for them. My wife uses paste or a chewing gum type to flatten it on her skin and then, of you go. She springs or jumps out with each pull. For sensitive ones, shaving leaves some pimples or small inflamed spots on the surface of the skin. The chemical substances are safe in some cases of removing hair from the skin. I use the shaver. Which is better, plucking or shaving?   

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Kiya hoowa Wolf? Thanks for that icon. 

:D :D I like Wolf's emoticon.

I thought it was about hair on the head. It took some time for me to understand 'plucking an shaving'. :D

yea, right :D

Thanks, Ella for your comment. Is it possible to be one of your friends?

I really don't know which one is better Sir. I think it depends on the person.

Thanks, Salma for this diplomatic answer. Of course, it depends on the person himself or herself. Areas like the eyebrows are sensitive. They need a special care to remove the hair from them. Thanks again Salma.

Plucking may cause (ball tor - I do not know its English, but it is kind of infection cause big pimple). So it should be avoided by both male and female.

Lekin kiya karega, Mishaikh sahib? My wife insists on using that kind of removing the hair from her skin. Some areas are very sensitive and they need no force. Despite that pain, she gets during the process, but she is happy. She said that her skin will be extremely clean. I have just been telling moderator Onee Chan about her. Thanks, Mishaikh for your nice advice. I hope Fatima sees it. 

Rambut de semua kulit, mod. Onee! I meant the hair that grows on different parts of the skin, the beard, mustache, eyebrows, the legs, thighs and other sensitive areas of our body. We do not care much if our beards or mustaches are not shaved. For the ladies, the matter is absolutely different. Do you know that plucking is very painful, despite that Fatima brings these paste or something like it and put it on her skin and then, oh! If she pulls out the hair on her legs, wow! With each time she does that, she jumps out or springs. Thanks, mod. Onee for your comment.

Nice topic 

although I think it is  somehow feminine and cosmetic topic .

So I can't say anything about . But it reminds me  something . A story :

Once upon a time  there was a man who lived in a city and he was  very rich but he was suffering from a mysterious unknown disease. Although he had spend a lot of money but  none of the doctors could  find  any reason for the symptoms of his problem.

So the rich man requested an old monk to help him about his disease. The  monk listened to all his words about  his problem carefully . 

" The solution  is  Green Color " the monk said " You must be careful   to see just   green color till you feel better and all the symptoms disappear . Just green and no other colors"

The rich man had not any other way, so he tried this wired treatment. He ordered to change the decoration of his house completely and painted  all the walls  green . All the furniture changed to green completely  and  his men had to make everything green when he was going  to go out . 

Very soon he felt that's a good method and he felt  better and better  . It took 2 years till he found his healthy. 

He was very happy  so one day he decided to meet the monk to thank him.  He did it well but finally  he asked the monk if he can say something .

" Master !  your method and your treatment was really wonderful " the rich man said " But accept that was very expensive to me . I had to change the color of everything around ,and I spend a lot of money for "

The monk looked at him kindly and smiled sweetly "  Yes you are right  : he said " But you could use a simple cheap pair of  GREEN GLASSES "


I mean  Isn't it  better that people try to change the way of thinking ?? 

Shaving ,Plucking,using waxes and so many other activities  are just to look much more beautiful. sometimes it is painful and sometimes it is expensive .

Isn't it better  that people  change the way of looking and maybe the way of thinking ??

 So I should say again:

I think it is  somehow feminine and cosmetic topic .

So I can't say anything about .




Khaili mumnoon nabiga Darius! I really enjoyed reading that story. Why didn't the rich man think of having green glasses? Instead of troubling himself and troubling his people to do the hard work. By the way, We need to remove the hair from our skin too. I mean the males. I use a shaver every week to trim the long hair of my mustache, needless to say, the other areas. I can go with you that the matter is for ladies more than for men, but we do the same thing. The only difference is that we do not exaggerate like the ladies. Thanks, Darius for that interesting story. I hope the other see and enjoy it, too. 


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