Some time ago I saw a Facebook post that said something like that: If you don't use own photo at your profile, don't request me to be your friend... because if you don't like your face, not even me!"

I've been considered that statement a bit rude...but at the same time, quite realistic...and since that day, I started to be curious about the reasons of someone choosing an avatar or any other picture like hers/his profile instead of a real photo.

Why not introduce ourselves to the world exactly the way we are?

The truth is that maybe some people have malicious intentions while build relationships by the internet, perhaps they just don't have a good self-image, or are quite shy... Who knows are they afraid of exposing themselves online and have their personal information or pictures manipulated?

Anyway, I think the fact of choosing how we would like to be known on the internet already gives something to others about who we are, or even who we would like to be. We want to look like nice, or mysterious, adventurous, intelligent, successful, sexy...we want to draw attention, we want people to think specific things about us when we introduce ourselves to them, and we use intentional images to set our goals.

Sure at that point each of us already has our own reasons...But the question that begs to be asked and discussed (and doesn't want to be silent) is the following: Could you share your main reason for choosing your profile photo here in EC?

I'm very, very curious about it; and I’m looking forward to knowing your opinion as soon as possible. See you, friends!!



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Yes, I can share my main reason for choosing my profile photo here in EC.

The thing is that it is different for different periods of time.

When I joined MyEC, I didn't have a lot of pictures. At that time I wanted my picture to be different from the other pictures.

But later one person has upgraded it for me and I thought "Yes, this picture suits me as a sunset suits a sea!"

To be honest I want to ask that person to make an another label for me. But it is not going to be soon.

Hi, Roman
Great to see your sincerity in commenting this post. It was so nice to read your explanation!
I must confess to you that I cannot understand the image of your current profile photo totally, but I definitely understood the label "undecided"
Anyway, after thinking about it, I decided to check your last posts and I liked what I found: you were such a cute little boy!
Then, again: nice to meet you both ways, Roman!!
Best wishes to you...and thank you very much for sharing your personal reasons on this topic!

This is a fountain in my picture. Water flows down along the surface of those balls.

And undecided label because I was not able to decide, what exactly label I wanted.

Cool, Roman!! It makes sense...

Thank you for your replay. 

Best regards, 


Dear Olga,
First of all, sorry for my delay in replying to you. I really appreciated your intervention in this discussion!
Very interesting and deep your colocation: "the people can touch our personality by seeing our real picture"...Yes, I agree with you: sometimes show who we are can cause us damages and hurt ourselves, but, in my opinion, it's a price worth to pay to get relationships.
And, despite I don't know how you look like, I totally respect your picture profile choice and I think you're a sensitive and friendly person, indeed.
It was a pleasure to meet you, Olga. 

Thanks for your response. 

Have a great weekend, 


Hi Nan!! I really liked your blog! Well written! I think you question is quite intriguing. I am reading  revealing and great answers too.

In my case I placed a real picture because that was the first I had at hand when I signed up. But I admire some people who are so witty to choose their avatars and names, I think  if one day I use one, I would choose something wich I feel identify and say something about me. I think that all the reasons you mentioned in your blog as posible causes why people do not use a real picture are reasonable.

Though, I think we can know more about people because of the answers they write, the way the treat others, their different point of view and opinions so enriching. Maybe (but that is my opinion, we can know more from those things than from the picture itself).  

But let me get to straight to the point: I prefer a real picture because I am not so witty to chose avatars and nicknames, but It would not be a problem for me to use another kind of picture: an avatar or landscape, etc.  What I really want here is to improve my English and meet people who are really interested in  the language and share this same eagerness.

Though,  I am as curious as you are in this subject!!

Thank you so much Nan for sharing this wonderful blog!  Have a great day!

PD: Maybe I will think in a good avatar...(LOL)

Hi, Janeth.

Sorry for my delay! It's so nice reading your words. Thank you for your compliments!

I totally agree with you when you say that we can know more about the people by what they wrote than by the photo they posted. Sure you're totally right ... appearances can deceive us! Anyway, despite our main goal around here be to improve our English, nothing prevents us from making friends, too. And, please, don't misunderstand me...nothing against people that choice an avatar or landscape photo as your profile, but, in my opinion, this causes some insecurity, a sort of fear that may prevent the other people from opening up themselves.
I, in particular, rather use a photo of myself. I have nothing to hide. And I want people really know me ... like I want to meet them the way they are. So, I chose a profile photo that expresses my simplicity and joy in living. No fancy places, no lots of makeup. Just me.
This is my way of expressing "Nice to meet you. I'm Nan".

Have a great weekend, 


Hi Nan!!  Thanks a lot for your reply!  You deserve those words because your blog is excellent!

You have a good point there, we can improve our English here and we can make great and helpful friends too.   We all have different points of view, opinions, etc., but that is not a problem at all,  because that make us "wiser", help us to put ourselves in  others' shoes,  and we learn from others. And that is an enriching experience!

Don't worry Nan, I think you are right too.  I understood what you said. You have valuable, deep and important reasons to use your picture. I am sure that people here will apreciate your simplicity and that joy that you show through it!

I am glad to meet you too and be your friend!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I have pics from me and normally I've had my real profile pic too. I guess I have nothing to hide :)

Thank you for reading and replying to my discussion, Estanis! 

By the way, great picture yours...

Best regards, 


Mai gushta mi cara, Nan. It is like real life. Would approve to go incognito? The assumed or false identity is not unique and people will not be sympathetic with you. It is always better to be open and frank with the other people. If you hide something from them, they will do likewise. Thanks, Nan for that blog. 

Thank you very much for your great participation, dear Dara!

Have a nice weekend, you and your family!



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