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Do you care about the other opinion?

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Hello friend :)

I rarely consult someone's opinion, and when I do, it's about a research or a technical topic (never about my clothes, life goals, trips or personal things).
For example, yesterday I asked a professor his opinion on a certain topic in which I am working and he helped me a lot with his advice. Sometimes I also ask my friends' opinion about certain topics, when I need another outlook... it helps a lot.

Thanks, Dara. Take care,


De nada seniora Sandra! Do you know that I do the same things? I mean buying my clothes, shoes and other personal things. Things that concern today's trends or models. I have to seek the opinion of the other. By the 'other', I mean the experts or the people involved in such a matter. Honestly, Sandra, you and I may be mistaken about that. Nevertheless, thanks for your nice point of view about the discussion.

If my values , satisfaction, self esteem , and happiness are bonded to other people approvals or disapproval , I would be living on an earthly hell and miss being myself or enjoying my individuality . Nonetheless , we can't deny the importance of people opinions toward us . Sometimes we are in need for it or even pay for it , when visiting a psychologist , looking for a lawyer or a tutor
We ought to be picky and prudent when considering other people opinion about us . Very much exaggeration and praise can mislead us more than harsh criticism . I believe that people uncover their inner realities when they say their opinions , benevolents and good ones say only great things . On the other hand , jealous, envious ones say bad things .People say their opinions through their characters and traits So , they are speaking about theirselves not about us . When I was a child and a teenager I cared alot about people opinions and that have had put me under a lot of stress . By time I begun to ignore them . I can't claim that I don't care at all , but I am no longer that valunerable sensitive girl . I am wiser enough to know who are my rivals and my loving friends . However , I still feel wounded when people say bad things about me or blame for things especially , when it is said because of envy or jealousy and still fight back to stand up on my feet without turning my neck back to listen to them .

(Ukul ajab nafsak, wa albus ajab annas). Dear Rosemary, you know this proverb, but let me explain it to the readers. (Eat what yourself likes and wear what people want).Of course, we live with people and the world is not that big like before. I can have my breakfast here in Jeddah and take dinner in Denver, Colorado. I can chat with Rosemary in Taif, Saudi Arabia, Sandra in Santiago, Chile, or Darius in Tehran, Iran at the same time. So, we are connected with one another. 

We must be careful in serious decisions. They need the opinions of others. The good people give you good opinions and you can benefit from them. The fishy ones give you bad opinions and they are better avoided. Fishy ones always try to dissuade you from taking the right track and demean you.

Now, you are a woman and you know how to behave and take the right move. Sometimes when you need, you can seek the opinion of the others. The good people always give a good advice and their opinion is always right. Rosemary, I really liked your intervention. It is a good one. Thank you.        

Dara opinion if 'opinion' is with a positive conception, it should be honored, but if it is just to dishonor others (like some members here do considering themselves smart and modern), then it should be tackled accordingly.  

A good topic to ponder.

kiya karega Mishaikh sahib? Of course, the good opinion should be honored and taken into consideration as well. Demeaning or insulting opinions are dishonored. People with this kind of concept are usually sick ones. We either reply their sick opinion or ignore them and do not give them any attention to raising their value. Thanks, Mr. Mishaikh for your nice and meaningful comment. 

Opinions, everybody has one Dara...…..I listen to other's opinion's......but it doesn't mean I agree with them or disagree.  Hence another opinion....LOL  Some opinion's can be useful, some downright foolish.....(opinion..LOL)  Some selfish and self serving, some can be genuinely helpful, some cruel and demeaning.  Some opinion's deal with facts, some come from feelings and emotions...….which are thrown out there to be studied and considered.  Just because someone has an opinion......it certainly doesn't make it so.  One thing I think an opinion does...….is tell much about the person that gave it.  I do care about other's opinion's Dara simply because of this last reason......it helps us to know about how another person thinks.....and what is important to them in a given situation.  Thanks for a great topic!!!!

Amazing moderator Paula! The last two lines of your comment carry a lot. They really mean a lot. They help us to know how the person thinks. This is an important point to know the other's opinions. It is true that some thoughts are very foolish and funny. We cannot take them or deal with them. They usually show the selfishness of some and their need to be for themselves only. As you mentioned in your wonderful intervention. By the way, it also reflects how our moderator thinks and evaluates things. I really enjoyed reading those analytic words. Thanks, mod. paula.

Bahut bahut shukriya SNR! Many many thanks. 

Beshak SNR! Of course, there will be no harm in seeing the other's opinion, but it is important to differentiate between the good one and the selfish one. It is true that some other's opinions may change the course of our life as you mentioned. Thanks, SNR for your nice comment.

Xie xie Ramie! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

Depending on the topic covered, yes, because when we ask for someone's opinion it is because in a certain way we care. But if what she says does not match what I think, I respect her opinion, but I do not take it into my daily life either.


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