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Do you care about the other opinion?

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NO, Sir. Not at all.

But if some people shared and spread false information, that's pretty annoying. ^^

Whether it's good OR bad, other's opinion is for our introspection.

What I mean in my answer above is about bad opinion to make us down.

Saya setuju dengan kamu, mod. Onee. I agree with you. If you make good, everybody will like it. If you make bad in any way, nobody will like it. Thanks again mod. Onee for your straight answer. 

Tentu, kami tidak suka informasi palsu. Of course, mod. Onee, we do not like false information. Thanks for your first comment on this discussion. 

yes very important to know opinion another person

Ya Ali, inta fainak? Dear Ali, where have you been? Thanks, Ali for your answer, but in what way it is very important? 

Other's opinion matters when I want it. Otherwise I don't appreciate it.

Main samajgiya, Anah Sid. In case you want it matters. Of course, every one of us is free in his thoughts. Putting in mind not to do any harms to the others. Thanks, Anah for your answer. 

Thank you Dara 

Oh Yes  ! 

Sure I care.  I think almost all the people do the same. that's why a musician  write the musics and tries to play them. A poet  or a writer  write  their writings. A painter  transfer the ideas on canvas. All of them need others' opinions to be able to know how to go on better.I believe that everything that has an output needs to be evaluated and a part of evaluation is OTHERS' OPINIONS.

Khaili mumnoon nabiga Darius. I guess those people you mentioned in your comment need the others' opinions. They will get more information from their previous experiences and they can do better work. The musician, the poet, the painter all these people can give the best opinion to the others. Thanks for your nice evaluation of the discussion.

Other people's opinion really matter even if we don't use it. Nobody has knowledge of everything. 

Asante sana Salma Ibrahim! I guess you agree with Mr. Darius. We do not have enough knowledge to carry out something. That is why the other opinion is needed. Thanks, Salma for your short and nice comment. 


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