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Do you care about the other opinion?

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Estoy de aquerdo contigo, Thayslane Araujo. In short, you do respect the opinion of others but it not obligatory to do according to it. We agree here. Some people try to impose or force their opinions, those, of course, are the selfish ones. Thanks, Thayslane for your diplomatic comment. 

Sometimes....not always!

Donnobad Bet! Thanks for thoughts.  I apologize for the late reply. I haven't finished that small project yet. Thanks again .

Yes I care 

But not at all

I ask people who is  have experience 

Shukran ya farda! I agree with that. Experience is important. I repeat,  sorry for my late  reply.

Sure! It's important to hear other opinions for me. How can it not be important to know what others are thinking???

Thank  you NotAclue! That's absolutely correct.  Thanks for your comment.  I am still hoping to be one of your friends. Once more, sorry  for the late reply. 

Hi Dara !  Thank you for  the new topic .

Let me tell about two different words . The first one is " SHURA "  . It means "a consultative council"  where each member shoots his/her own idea  and the final result will be a decision based on all the ideas. The second word is "TASHAWUR  (in Arabic ) or  MASHVARAT ( in Persian ) " and it means Consultation , where some one someone listens to all the ideas of anyone  but finally he/she decides what to do. 

If there is the third word it could be " Self-centered Or Self- orientation " where the person him/herself  has own idea and follow it. 

We usually go on based of the third one in our daily life but what direct us toward the other ones  can be : 

1- when we are doubted 

2- when we have not enough knowledge to be able to decide 

3- when the responsibility is out of our abilities 

4- when we are in a very bad situation  to be able to decide well . 

5- when the rules restrict us to decide individually .

6- other reasons 

Generally we need others' ideas to obtain different and better results, But I think the most important thing the persons we choose to know their ideas about,their knowledge about the subject , their experiences and ... . 

Doste  khobane Darius, let answer the lady Elizabeth and corre back later to answer that useful intervention.


other opinion is a view of another life on yours! You should always listen to him - this is the life experience of another person!

Dear teacher Elizabeth Powlett,  hello, it is indeed, my respected teacher. I really appreciate those nice and educational words. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks again. 


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