English Club members are using these three prepositions when indicating English Club. Can we really use any of them?

Let's all define which one is really the correct one.

Prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun. We use "on" when we are indicating the internet world. An example: "Nobody knows who you are on the internet." (Remember on Facebook, on Skype etc.) We use "at" before clubs. An example: "I saw him at the Laila Night Club yesterday." I have seen some people using "in the club" as well, I am not sure if it is correct. Well, about "in"... It seems like it is the most inappropriate one to use even though I also prefer "in".

What do you think? Which one is correct and which one do you use? Why?


Josef Essberger's answer:

Brian Grover's answer:

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In mainly denotes “rest at”:

PLACE: He lives in the country. He lives in Chicago. (BUT, He lives at 2300 Wabash Ave.)
TIME: I’ll be there in an hour.
MANNER: The child ran down the steps in tears.
REFERENCE: In my opinion we need a referendum. They are happy in their marriage.

On indicates proximity and position above or outside:

PLACE: He sat on the fence.
TIME: He was not thinking well on that occasion.
REFERENCE: He asked my opinion on the matter.
CONDITION: We’ll hire him on your recommendation.

For more information click here.


So, we use "in" to pretend that we are in the real world. :D Thank you for your explanation, Sir Josef.

I was about to discuss about this. But find the answer here....

Thank you for sharing this topic, Yasemin.

Im sure correct is IN


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