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English Club members are using these three prepositions when indicating English Club. Can we really use any of them?

Let's all define which one is really the correct one.

Prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun. We use "on" when we are indicating the internet world. An example: "Nobody knows who you are on the internet." (Remember on Facebook, on Skype etc.) We use "at" before clubs. An example: "I saw him at the Laila Night Club yesterday." I have seen some people using "in the club" as well, I am not sure if it is correct. Well, about "in"... It seems like it is the most inappropriate one to use even though I also prefer "in".

What do you think? Which one is correct and which one do you use? Why?


Josef Essberger's answer:

Brian Grover's answer:

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I think the correct one is "ON".

Do you think it is because "on" sits before the internet?

Thanks for helping Nafis....

me too :)

It's pretty confusing really.  Most of my declarations used "IN" like the ones below:

******Wish you enjoy your stay here in EC.

******See you in this club.

******Learn English with us in My English Club.

Can't totally say they're wrong because I am really poor in grammar.  

How many "in"s did you use in your comment Anele? :) I guess you also prefer "in". It sounds more homey or logical than "on", don't you think so?

What a smart topic, Psycho Sisto! To me and my students, prepositions is the most complicated lesson..:))

emmm, i guess we can use both "in" and "on"...


1. When u try to invite ur friend to chat by EC, u can say "See u on EC".

    It's the same as "See u on Skype"

2. When u are already using EC, u can say "I'm in EC chat room already."

3. Or to make it sound homey (Psycho Sisto said), we'd better say "in"...

"at" is usually used after a name of a place....Let's say EnglishClub has a base camp. Then, I'd like to see my Psycho Sisto there, so I would say "See me at EnglishClub base camp!"

But, I'm not perfectly sure of that... Just correct me if I'm wrong...:))

Hello Psycho Sisto,

Your answer was very helpful. After some comments, I think the difference between "in" and "on" is clarified now. 

I still wonder if we can say "in English Club" and it could be considered correct by teachers. I am not talking about the chatroom or trying to make it homey. Can we Psycho Sisto? :)

BTW, you should see Nafis's reply. ;)

Hello Camilla,

From the link and your comment, I see that "in" and "at" have been used before club. I couldn't understand the difference. When should we use "in" or "at"?

Thanks for your help. :)

I think we can use 'in' and 'at' to represent a physical location like 'in a house', 'in a park', 'at the airport', 'at the office'.

 And 'on' is referring to a non physical location like 'on my computer', 'on the phone', 'on the internet'
So here i think 'on' is the correct one.

Sounds very logical. We all know "on" is used before the internet. But, your reason made it very clear to understand the reason. Some members prefer to use "at" due to the "club". I have always used "in" because saying "on" is like saying there is something on my pc's screen. :)

Thank you very much for your comment. It was really useful.

I feel both ON and IN are correct.But ON is more appropriate!!!

Thanks for your comment dear Thushara...


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