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Old wives tale

What is the meaning of "old wives' tale"? According to a simple definition it means a belief, usually superstitious or erroneous, passed on by word of mouth as a piece of traditional wisdom.

In nearly every Society, people have their own "old wives' tales" which had been passed down from generations. It doesn't matter if you believed these "old wives' tales" or not, but to read or listen about them are fun. 

Okay, here I want to share with you one of the most common "old wives tales" in my Society. It has to do with bad luck. It was said that in order to get rid of one's bad lucks, one needs to take a bath with water mixed with 7 different flowers. The flowers must be sweet smelling flowers.

So share with me your Society most common "old wives' tale". This is just for fun. LOL

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aaah... in this opportunity i will share about "old wives' tale" from my place 
Do you know... my mom always shouts "dont sit in front of a door" when my sister did :)
because every society believes it will make girls have no husband for her lifetime .. i'm scared about that tale :( and my sister doesnt wanna re-do it again  :D

and i have another unbelievable tale :D

do you know that pict ?? yes a well...or here we call it "SUMUR"

here many societies believe that if u jump over it u (women) will be pregnant soonest possible if u cant be pregnant or u have a lil chance of pregnancy.. try it but dont let ur body fall deeply ..it will be a well of death :D

oke...this is a kid story...and how about u...??

Hahahahahahahahahahhahaha ... Narizawa ..I will answer after I've done with laughing.

Haha Narizawa ...

Over here, young girls are not allowed to sit in the middle of a door, otherwise she will stop the good fortune from entering the house. LOL. I never heard about not getting a husband though, but maybe for some people, husband is a good fortune too. LOL.

Who is on earth wants to jump over a well? I think I prefer to wish over it, than jump over. By the way, over here we call it "telaga or sumur". 

hei do you know again...

my mom always says " i like the way you sleep....ur eyes always almost open not even closed"
it means.. u will have a good girl and u will have a beautiful girl...


Hehehehehe ... are you not afraid that a lizard will poop into your eyes Narizawa

If I was not mistaken, over here, it was said that if you sleep with eyes not properly closed, it means you're blessed with good fortune. But I'm not sure about that. LOL. Let me check again with more older people about that. 

Is old wives' tale an idiom?

⊱ Mickey ⊰ I believed it's an idiom. But I think we need to check with Tim New to make sure, or your GB Daddy

⊱ Mickey ⊰ .. according to your GB Daddy, "old wives' tale" is an expression. So my assumption that it's an idiom is wrong. LOL

Do you wanna know what my eyes look like ??
hahha check it out!! 

It's not the answer hahahahah :D

What do you mean, not the answer? ;-P


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