Hello, everyone! My name is Nan, I’m from Brazil and I’d love to make new friends all over the world to improve my English, to know other cultures or even to exchange experiences...
Unfortunately I don’t have an English advanced level yet, nor self-confidence enough to speak, that’s why I prefer to communicate only by text messages for a while...
I hope to get a lot of partners around here!
See you soon...

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Hi Nan,

Thank you so much, Onee-chan!!!

Hi, Nan. I'm so pleased to know you.

Me too! Thank you! 

Ola Nan, eu tambien! I am glad to be one of your friends. I and the teachers of the club will do our best to help you. I was just sad about the national Brazilian team. I wanted them to win. My friend PGM from Brazil told me to be logical and accept the facts. Welcome again to My EC.


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