What is your new year Resolution?

My resolution is don't expect anything .....I mean affection or love.. from others.It gives disappointment only.

Then have to reduce the usage of social sites.

What about your's resolution???

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My new year's resolution is simple. Get through another year! lol

But it's a great question and I hope some other members will post more serious answers ;)

@ Josef Essberger.....

Thanks for your valuable comment.

Hi Kala! I don't know if I can call it these my expectations as resolutions, but in 2018 year I want:

1) To be able to do a pull up, using only one hand.

2) To stop using Google Translator (Yes... I am still using it almost every day... Because it is faster to translate one word that I don't know, there, then for example in Cambridge Dictionary...)

3) To take a great picture of myself (wearing a scarf).

I love the pull up with one hand!

I hope I will do that in 2018 and record myself and post that video here:)

Look forward to that !

Wicked =\

I am sorry, A738a, but in what sense:

wicked = morally wrong or bad,

wicked = slightly immoral or bad for you, but in an attractive way,

wicked = informal excellent.


The third one. Didn't ya see the sarcastic italics?

:D Thank you! But I think you don't believe that I will do that...

I am still a very beginner in that field, so I even barely recognize some your words:)

Awww... that's all right. Me too.


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