It is the word by which we are known or addressed to. Some of us are very careful about naming their children. If the name is good, it shows the good qualities of its bearer, and on the contrary, if the name is not good, it refers to undesired qualities of the person. This supposition is not correct all the time.
The name of a person can be "Shaker", and he is not necessarily a religious man. Other names like "loser", but its holder can be a successful person. My question, is it important to choose good names for our children?   

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It not absolutelly necessary to chose good names for people. A person is more than a name, a name is just a word used to call a person. There´re more important things in live than a name. Names don´t make persons.

Estas seguro, Elmer? Lol!  I do not remember exactly, Elmer, but one or two of the readers share the same opinion with you, maybe, moderator Paula, I cannot remember exactly. Your opinion is quite different from the others. We have to respect that. Nevertheless, wouldn't be better if we have good words to call us? Thanks Elmer for your different comment.

of course it is very important to give them good names bcz it thier right .

Shookran bizzaf Hamza, wa Eidkum mabrook! Thanks, Hamza for your prompt reply.  Happy Eid in advance., I know that your Eid is tomorrow. Extend my greetings of Eid to your family and friends. 


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