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It is the word by which we are known or addressed to. Some of us are very careful about naming their children. If the name is good, it shows the good qualities of its bearer, and on the contrary, if the name is not good, it refers to undesired qualities of the person. This supposition is not correct all the time.
The name of a person can be "Shaker", and he is not necessarily a religious man. Other names like "loser", but its holder can be a successful person. My question, is it important to choose good names for our children?   

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Yes indeed  good positive names  should  be given  to children . It is their  identity and  who  the y represent  as  ..

It's a duty for parents to choose good names for their kids. when a person has a bad name, he/she doesn't bear and may change it. By the way, do you know that Dara (shortened form of Darius) is the name of a king of Persia.

Khaili mumnoon Saba! Do you mean that I am a king? I also have my philosophical friend, Darius. I wonder why he did not tell me about it? However, a good name is important for all of us. Thanks, Saba for your nice comment. 

Name is one of the crucial rights upon parents towards children. Our prophet peace be upon him said  " parents are responsible to give a good name to their child as one of his/her significant rights " and also he said " on the hereafter you will be called by your names so choose good names for you and your children". 

Nice topic Dara

Exactly Ocean! Some parents give strange names. Like this, coward Henry. Jerry weak.  All and all, the good name is like the title to the topic. Thanks, Ocean for your nice comment .

Hi Dara, 

Thank you for opening this interesting topic for discussion.

Personally, I always pay attention in the people's name and I believe that parents should take good care of choosing a good name for their children. People are called by their name for their whole life and they should receive a good feeling when people call their name.  It's worth thinking and carefully choosing a meaningful and beautiful name for our children. This is the responsibility of parents and shouldn't be underestimated. 

Mumnoon wa spasibo Fariba Zad. Thanks for your nice words. I am sleepy now.  I shall answer you tomorrow.  I really hope to be one of your friends.  Thanks again Fariba.

Hello again Fariba, I really appreciate your nice words on that discussion. Many many thanks.

Thanks, Sunshine for pressing the like button 

I think that our children's name is very important.

Because we don't want to be made of fool our child by other child.

Also, When they do start working in company, Their image also should are affected by name.

So the name is very important for us to live in society peacefully.

Gamza hamnida Hojin  Jeong! If he or she works in a company,  that means the guy is among many others. That is why the good name is important and necessary for him or her.  Thanks,  Hojin for your nice comment. 

you're welcome.


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